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November 16, 2016
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October 18, 1999
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February 1, 1949
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CUASSIHUAJ 1UPt '3FIB: ~ L L Approved For Re1~ 0 iQ~4 RPCV-00457 W0080 mFORM Q Q - T CD NO. COUNTRY Chile/Argentina I DATE DISTR.1 Pi ebruary 1349 SUBJECT Activities of Arturo A1.eeeandri Palma NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 25X1A6a tit 010k, 25X1X6 1. Arturo Alessandri Paling, Liberal Party member and President of the Chilean Senate, is becoming increasingly hostile to President Gonzales Videla, and it is said that he fancies himself as the next president and savior of Chile in spite of his advanced age. Alessandri Palma still has wide popular appeal, as well as the support of many who held posts of greater or lesser importance during his presidency. There are also indications that he may grin the temporary adherence of other persons desirous of provoking the fall of the present government in the interests of their personal advancement. 2. Since Aleesandri Palma, who recently was given the Argentine decoration of the Order of the Liberator, has assumed the role of champion of Argentina and Peron in Chile, it has been observed that he is frequently visited by Argentine ?Ambassador Luis Lopez Munie. Alessandri Palma is currently engaged in writing pro-Argentine letters to his friends throughout Latin America. 3. Alessandri Palm's violent attacks on Luis Brun d'Avoglio, Director General of Investigaciones, in which the latter was accused of a dishonest and malicious attitude toward Argentina, are now believed to have been motivated by personal animosity. Alessandri Palm's unconcealed hatred for Brun d?Avoglio stems from the arrest by Investigaciones of Gilberto Godoy, well-known as a bookmaker and notorious for his activities in the drug and white slave traffic. Though known an the Al Capone of the t7ataadero district of t?antiago, Godoy has been an intimate friend of Alessandri Palm since 1920 and served loyally as his political agent in the district. In return, he allegedly was given a free hand and police immunity during the presidency of alessandri Palma. 4o It is noted that Vital Guzman, private secretary of the former president, frequently visits Oscar Feluchonneaux Bustamante, the Chief Prefect or second. ranking officer of Investigaciones, who was very close to Alessandri Palma and Carlos Ibanez del Campo during their presidential terms. Peluchonneaux Busttimante is said to be desirous of replacing Brun d'Avoglio as Director General of Investigaalones. several of the highly placed Investigacionee officers believe be used as a mmition against both Gonzales Videla and Brun d' %voglio. 25X1 A6r and it is considered unlikely that the President would have given this strategic post to an individual of uncertain loyalty.) NAW CLASSIFICATION (ON 000/0 Document No. - - - - .fL4j)Q !` NO. OF ENCLS. m BVLM SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. with the the vecfO4:.Releas? ? DECL SSIFIf11 ` N. WENTIA DDA e o, 19 : CIA-RDP82-0Yv7 Date: O11 Approved For Release 2000/0(19 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002300200006-2 r t(UI IYENTIAL CM KU INQTELLIt TCE AGENCY -2- 0 n The rapprochement between Alessandri Palma and Carlos Ibanez del Campo is thought to be very important. Until recently the two men were bitter enemies. Ibanez del Campo, who vas absolved of complicity in the recent abortive military conspiracy, also is known to be extremely friendly toward the Peron government. (ONFI:NTIAL Approved For Release 2000/04/19 IA-RDP82-00457R002300200006-2