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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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February 1, 1949
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s,'y Sanitized - Apporfli! &DpP82-0Q W 0 19-M - CD NO. "`f1NTRY Argentina 25X1A6a LIOJE.CT United Reori anization in,# boraiunist NO. OF PAGES 1 Party of 'trrentina (CPA) 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 1 Fobru.ary 1949 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 X6 REPORT NO. "`aye Coranunist Party of Argentina (CPA) is currently undergoing a limited ,o rg:3.nization which was m: tivated by the following factors; it was discovered by Vie Party that some of its members had supported he Peronivt.a movement during the elections of 5 December 1948, and that r~mo of them rppoarec to be actually affiliated ted with the Peronista move The dissident Comrriuv.4ist r?roup which is headed by kurelio Dracco and odOl o Puit? bviraiento Pro Congreso Dxtraordinario del Partido t)onun s.sta. advised S.ts new members to reriain in the ranks of the CPA, .??.u, to follow they i. xtruet?ions of the dissident group,. ?l:ao GYA leaders decided that to counteract the effects of the two cases cited ;;? hove it would be nece s na ry to institute a purge. t ioueverq it is not intended ci t: the purr-P, will be videspread nor that it will be made public. The party n-l proceed cautiously :'_n removing from their places of responsibility the ividvsls who have beEr3 influenced by the Peronista Party or the dissident e.? . w s L rac~co group. :each individuals will not be ?xpolled from the CPA as .rtio,.; but they will be relegated to positions where they will be able to do =Ya i, = a ninirtum of harm t, the party., the committee plans t a investigate each individual., "i e central Committee ha ordered that all c rrzt be subfaitted for renewal. This in a cu.storsary annu t i process,, but on this occasion it will provide a weans o chock on the reliabi 1. ty and conduct of all members. It is not known just he CPA is expected to !.,crease its snnti.irperir ii st propaganda during 1949 ds la'-' of its major long-in; go projects:; The first project of importance for the ur.mart years which is a.ready underway, is to have all cells and groups diffuse G n a;r?xraciz in support o:` the far thcorti nn Congress for Peace rya ad Democracy which :?ez b ',?Old In I xLca ity~' The pa:?ty has also ordered its members to propa-? zndi. U congress in .oeal unions in an attempt '.3 gain the support of the ;a: za edoracion GerAor:$a'L c!? . rabaejo (C(T) F, nont is hereby regraded to L in accordc.nce with the G 1 er ir73 from the or of Cents "'c once to the 3'';, h visa of the United ---Saniitizeca - Approv JArm" NOR9