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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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February 7, 1949
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CLASSIFICATION Approved For Relef~E@!'flp~L~/01$~k.I~HPJ~tBP~67R002301~$IQ. ~~ ~~ CD N0. COUNTRY Germgt~- ~~,ssian Zone} QATE DISTR. ? ~e1a 1949 SUBJECT Distribution of Lubrice~nta PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF tNF 25X1A6a ~ ~~~ NO.OF PAGES 2 NO.OF ER^,LS. cus~o e~wvn SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT I~tO. la As of 1 January 19.9, the Deutscshe tlandelsgesellachaft Derlin, a 3avietr eontrolled Firm, will take over frors the existing private firms the distribute tiara of mineral oils in the LL4nder of the Soviet Zone. Thatse firm, swab as Olen, Stinnes etc. wi21 be dissolved and lose theix idanti'ty, The DI~'r, situated at t.~e er~c-~v4twaFfe trinistry in Berlin, will take over the ex3.at~ trading and distribution officos of the private fir.1s in the Under of the Saaiet Zone. 2. The latc~at ordinance of the D1JK Harlin detod l 4otober 191,8 seta a mineral oi]. distribution quote. in the LFlnder of tfie Soviet Zane as follower 55 percent for Daruxwipht 17 percent for nembers of Group 1 of the Treib-und Sak~.erstoffbertrieb GmUR 2S parac3nt for the whole~rale trade, compared with the previous quota ofs 70 percent #o~ Me?abers of grc3up 1 of the Treilrt~nd :~obmierstoff`vertrieb GmbH 30 percont for the wholesale trade. 3. PYsmbers of Group 1 of the Trei'Ea-und Sc~~ieratoffvertr{eb Gmtl~ inaludod Deutach- Amerikaniaehe Petroleum Gesallscheft, Sh~].1, Derunapht, Olen, Leona, Stinnes and RZ,S. Formerly distribution wo.s as follower Derunhpht Shell and DAI'G Others 18 percent .20 peroent each Remainder. 4. As of l Ootobsr 19~ Derunapht has received rho bi~eat quota of lubrit~xats, andr foreign aonpani.es suah as D~:'C, Shell, etc., },.eve bean practically pmt out of business as their quota for distribution bas not allowed then to earn enough to Steep the~.r organizations goixr~. 5. Tleverthaless, in vtaw of the order ter ~.~~e quadripartite Control 4ouncil stating tnet the occupying poc~ers of each' ~trne must protest foreign capital, the DHG . wi13. not attempt to absorb for~'.~ companies such as D1~PG and Shell, but will reduce their lubricant distribution quota to such an extent thet they will not ba in a position to maintsin their giants and business organization. The I.~3 tr:~s~.I~aa, ~:~ C? ,~.~3. M AY Approved For Release 1999/ 57RQ@2~354Q~3~???~? cv ..~. ~. Approved For Release 1999/09/09 :CIA-RDP82-004578002300350003-9 3 ~ ' ^~~r~ ~:a F'ICI~I S GrRx CF~ti~'RAL IIdTELLIGI~ICL AGRI.CY 25X1A2g raranapht hae nat enough trians-shipment equi~ent for its new quota, ar~d will rytt~pt to buy out these foreign firlas. (a, At the begitui3.ng of ilovanber 19~, the S1;A ordered tt~t i'l~el storage dtmpa not need by privato fir^3s must be *~de available for Det~uzaphirr-at~~t~*olled fhe?a for a stora~Q charge to be paid ty Derune:pht. The rate allc. io not :~~f3c~,ant to :aa3slta.in the p?exsts, ae the additional inca.~ae ordir.~rily ~zde -~ the private firrsa on the distribution of tt~e ojl is taker., by ~srunzipht. 7. rn X October 19GF the stook of lubr3oants ixi Land -.eekleaburg was 'r,50Q tons f nR (x~io} oi.3. and 1,300 tons at V8 (sic} gasoline. The stock cf motor oils a~s~ 2~U tons, and industrial ails also 250 tono. Baoauaa of t?~e door suFP~Y of JIL oil, the Mock has dwindled considerably. COYITRGL r U.C. GFFICIAI5 CPSLY S~ ~""vi ~ b~ -'h A Approved For Release 1999/09 ~~5l50003-9