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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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January 28, 1949
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at pro nt to establish the identities of the Chinese Communist neekotiators whose attles are reported below.) F.l TIAL CLASSI I N HOL - U.5. OFFICIALS MY ? NTRAL INTELLIGEN A ,SENCY, REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY C DATE DISTR. 31 January 1949 SUBJECT Chinese Commmunist Program Outlined at_Shihchiaohuang - NO. OF PAGES 2 "'i iT-(AL in ac;r:rr~a fire -Mr C, f~E~m i:r-e Die e; of Cent>^ ceii c nco to the Archivist o nited States. Next Review Date: 2008 Comme+nt. On the basis of available information.-ice 1a egpnomic ,$t tu4*a, as evinced in negotiations attended by Communists and Demo- oratic Laagurn representatives at Shihahiachuane., are contrary to indications of Comm=lst th#nking based on information received from the suburbs of Peiping, whichwo d.,,Indicate that thaCommunist attitude toward foreigners is friendly and c nc i#tor 1. The Chinese Communist political outlook, as shown in the negotiations at Shih.. chl,aolauang, is formulated in terms of 14araian dialectics, following the lines of that t _of the early Russian revolution end the rules of Lenin. It is ab- saluLeIyy totalitarian, with no regard for non.-Communist liberal and democratic $le-ments .such. as th" Democrattic Le ague+. 2. In their economic policy, they Chinese Communists show no improvem&nt over the Kuomintang. There are fairly widespread instances of graft and corruption among Communist officials at Shthchiachuang. During the early period following the Communist occupation, business was good, but it is now completely bogged down, with the accompanying inflation. White collar workers on all levels receive, in addition to mea,30, the same allowance, consisting of fifteen catties month, and two cotton suits and two pairs of shoes per year. 60W-goamanA. Source is presuwubly referring to economic conditions observed In Shihchiachuang.) 3. In terms of the attitudes of other nations toward tho Chinese Communists, the latter divide the world into three groupst friendly powers, a category which includes only the USSR; neutral powers. including all the satellites and such other small nations as Norway and Finland; and imperialist and capitalist powers, lad by the United States, Franca and Groat Britain. In a Chinese Com- munist government, the nationals of the last grout will be allowed to remain in China, provtd d that they stay strictly %J#yin their legitimate (ate) bound*. 1LBI/e 'FF STATE FX Approved For Release 1999/09 following observattons on Chinese Communist Political and IFICATION iwislEg'i'/COI62'FtQI~> S. OFFICIALS ONLY = IAIR Z FBI A x DOPP FBR ION Dopc Ms Fez Colo Be r 3 ?22#?i2 BUG COPS X FBP FBW iii Noss IRS x C e ant o. SUPPLEMENT TO :REPORT NO. jMEAsE*11njls_DOcUJpEf 25X1A2g Approved For Release 199 /09/09: CIA P 0457R002300350007-5 rCbl~i'1ibL - Pnom9 ony M NCT but probably without commftit tious facilities to their own governments. Trade and economic relations with the United States will be minimized or out off abscalutply. Comment. From the standpoint of liberal, non-Communist Chinese, the ommun st program as outlined above shows the futility of attempting to influence the Communists to accept democratic and liberal elements in a coalition govern- ment for all China. The Democratic ILeague representatives, who favor the main- tenance of economic relations with the United States, are on a useless mission to Sbibchiachvang. ) CONTROL - U.S. OPPIOLiLS ONLY Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002300350007-5.