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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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February 3, 1949
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CLASSIFICATION sfFt;, 25X1 A2g Approved For Relcapm@q E-M 2-00457A WtW IN FOR MATI PORT CD NO. COUNTRY Gertnar (I sigh zone) SUBJECT Soviet OH Notes; Wlnsdort Area PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 25X1X6 SUPPLEMENT TO The Soviet general commanding a division in the Zassen-V nsdorf area (291) lives on the Seestrasse in 1%Unsdorf. The divisional staff and unmarried staff officers occupy the Heeressportschule in the srjrp. town? f,, A battalion of this division's rifle troops participated in field exercises at V.Unsdor.f on 29 November. The men were equipped with the German carbine 98, clip-fed Russian rifle, tommygun with American type drum, German submachine gun 40 (MG 42), and German stick hand grenades. They were supported by an AT company with six 170.2 m guns in defense of Hill 278 (Cf. attached map). Four of the guns were entrenched in a forward slope position and camouflaged in pockets; the other two guns were in a reverse slope position, Further sup- port was given by three I L-2 aircraft against the attack of twelve T-64 and four JS-l tanks, The planes dived on-the tanks from 800-1,000 meters,. opening up with cannon and machine guns at approxlmateely 30 meters, Bomb hits were marked? The exercises lasted two hours, after which the troops ratumled to the Wtnsdorf tank school in trucks in the B 6-77 series. Only one tank was marked; this bore the number 511, with 145 in a diamond right side of the turret. 3n Seven tank cars (each 25,000 liter capacity) were unloaded at Zossen railroad station on 29 November and transferred to the iv'iinsdorf tank school. Shipping bills indicated that the. fuel came from,Leuna-Lersoburg, 4? Also on 29 November, 120 trucks (1 1/2 ton Fords and Studebakers) in the 3-2-24 and E .2-25 series left the Hindenburg Barracks in 1 nsdorfe Each truck contained approximately twenty men wearing black tabs/red piping, with complete infantry equipment. According to an interpreter in Soviet employ, this convoy eventually headed in the direction of -FYirsten;valde, a, A Soviet let lieutenant has reported that officers from the Zossen-Vl nsdorf area who went to the USSR on leave after the maneuvers were ordered back by telegrams dispatched to them between 20 and 30 November, Map attachment: Sketch of field exercise area reported ip6jjagraph 2 above. s document is hereby regraded to C ~TIAL in accordance with the letter of ? Ober 1978 from the pirector of Centre ence to the Archivist of the United Next APt,'q&akl far Releag 25X1A6a JCL 09/09: CIA-RD Ift t R G+ DATE DISTR. 3 Pebo 1949 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. Attao1m ent I (U$T a a In Q)les 11,13V