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November 9, 2016
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March 9, 1999
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March 1, 1949
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C[.ASSIFICAI I N ~Vlla tt a'1 fi}djCfl~f I S ` ~ e _ f ? ' U o b . QUIL.i, 25X1A6a i is RT nn flin_ COUNTRY At first it appeared that only Maguwo Airfield, close to Jogjakarta, was un- der attack. However, at about 6:30 a.m., the first rocket bomb fell on the Lilitary Headquarters not far from the Central Hospital and pursuit planes started machiri rnning motorcars and cyclists on the street. E~1TtA!- U$JEC T outbreak of Hostilities in Indonesia LACE' OUIRED DATE OF I erebY regraded to Thish;s dt is accordance with the m the ~ COOF1 -N ~F Q~ oher 1978 fro central intelligence to the letter of Director of United States. he Archivist of t 2088 Next Review Date: DATE DISTR. I Aar 194 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCI..S. (USTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1X6 REPORT NO. On 19 December 1948 at 6 a.m,, bombardment and shooting from the air began. 2, The house of Dr. Samalo, Director of the Central Hospital, was hit by a bomb Approved For Relea NOMEIN8ELCIBI A R4 I'R002400 IRT6 NO. Indonesia and partially destroyed. This house is situated directly opposite the Hoe- pitale Among the occupants of the house at the time were Dr. Johannes Leimena, Republican Minister of Health, and Dr. Picauly, who miraculously escaped death., All. Hospital personnel then gathered in the Hospital, which was already crowd- with men, women, and children seeking shelter from the rain of bombs and the machine gun fire. From the back yard of the Hospital the activities of the dive bombers and pur- suit planes could be observed. At first, it was surprising to see Dakota air- craft flying in formations of four, but it became apparent later that these planes were carrying troops to guwo i.rfield. 5. At about 1 p.m., shooting heard in the. neighborhood of the Hospital indicated that street fighting was in progress., 6. At the same time a loud explosion shattered almost all the Hospitalrs window- panes. This explosion was caused by the Republican "destruction squads" blow-, ing up the Military Academy Building. 7.. At about 3 p.m., shooting in the streets decreased and Dutch soldiers were already passing by. It was evident, that Republican resistance in this part of the city had come to an and. Actually no organized resistance had ever been planned. 8. It was about this time that several Dutch soldiers and t.i.l,itary Police entered the Hospital and ordered all men to gather.in front of the building, so that they could be led away later under military guard. 9. In the procession which followed were the doctors in the front?rcw including among others Dr. Leimena and Dr. bamalo, nurses in the t-econd row followed by ClASSIFICATION c 1P1 ?: Ti pI,/rnN r;Y r. .._ ar S . hV Tr :~nn.a [RNING I' +*'"TN LISTING MUST -se NO CHANGE i Class. CHANGED ,. ..- :..1 umfiWo ` DDA Memo 1 SAL ATRMNG NOTICE: THIS DISTRIBUTION tIS DDA REG. 7~~~ ----- -- Approved For Release 1999Q RDP82-0045 1,51 F LfJ-SE OF THIS DOWAERL D a t 0 3 EXCISED BEFO I: PUBLIC Approved For Iis01Y'1001-6 (ONFI TIAL CRt%k AL INTP; ,. lk(;A ~? G xS Flo.? : al perso re'L, and Aborers and inhabitants of the neighborhood i Er the rear, :hooti r on a 11-rai.ted scale made the streets genera,:.:l.,T unsafe. 4 ,rs t fe shooting was heavier, the procession was ordered to sit on the ground:. Aic the street:, Gondokusuman, Gondolaju, Tugu and Kranggan, six houses were observed to have been destroyed or still on fire? 10:, bome of the Dutch soldiers guarding the procession behaved themselves in a w roper manner; others were extremely rude: 1:1 N wear the market place in 'Kranggan the procession was halted, and doctors and hospital personnel were allowed to go home. 12, The road was now full of advancing etch troops from Maguwo and destruct ion caused by bombs and machine gun fire was ooserved. 13. Arifin, an official in Dr., Hatta?s government, was 'mach~ : xned while driv- ing his motorcar The car was destroyed, but Arifin escaped with a slight wound in the back. 14. Ruslan Abduigani, $ecrotary General of the Ministry of Information, was hit by a machine gun bullet while cycli,0 His right hand was entirely smashed, Hendroinartono, who had been imprisoned by the Republican Government for his Communist activities, was released as Dutch troops were approaching Jogja- karta and had gone to the house of a friend for shelter when Dutch soldiers .,. came to the house and ordered the occupants outside. 'c,hile they were stand l rag in front of the house, "a shot rang ... killing Dr. Hendromartono in- stant.igy, wounding his friend in his leg, and killing his friend's son, a boy of five years old , " 16. it noon on 20 Decer, r, news was received of the death of Dr. R~ santoso, Sec- retary General of the Ministry of Education and husband of Dr. kar?ia Ulfah Dr, Santcso was killed near Maguwo Airfield, while attempting to return to Surakarta. Accompanying him were Sutoyo, his brother-in-law, and oflicaals of the Ministry of Education, Misses ltd jatun and Nanny sumadiprad ja, Their auto had been stopped by Dutch soldiers near a bridge halfway from ;.aguwo to Jogja karta, Santoso and Sutoyo dragged from the car, and iinnedaately shot dead along with the driver. Reportedly the two women would have inet the same fate, had it not been for the intervention of a Dutch sergeant. There wore bodies of about twenty men at this spot besides these three victims.. 17. The two women were taken to Maguwo and released in the afternoon of the same day.., 1E3. Mars. Santoso later went to the spot, accompanied by one of the women, a reporter, and three Indonesian Red Gross members, and with difficulty identified the al- ready decaying corpses as Santoso and Sutoyo by the papers in their pockets. Since the Dutch soldiers accompanying the party in a jeep refused to take the dead men to Jogjakarta, they were buried near the bridge. 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