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November 9, 2016
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January 21, 1999
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February 25, 1949
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111CLAS5I9CAIION ariellialikkeihrwi, 25X1A9Approved For RGffilitaiONAIRAITAt INFORMA Fl 82_004sfok TIAL 25XiA2g 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED NO. OF FAZES NO. OF ez 25X1X6 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The Partido Naclonalieta de Chile (Nationaliet Party of Chile), a Nasi.type organization, is reporteny atteppting to enter Jute eombizat on with militants of the Conmuniet Party of Chile (POCh) and other political groups whose only coin rj;round to their antipathy to the United Statee. Nedilherto Bisane remine and Gaston Alejandro Acuniktiaclean, loaders of the Lationeliet Party, were ro. oently reported to ha w? nade coat at with NMI:Li-Wants. trying to attract Com. masts into an alliance with the Nationalists. The result of them eonversatione is not jet km= 2. There also isMzetions that the members of the Uationaliat Party have trated into both *sliced= Chilena lintioczamista (AcnA) and the Notional Falang uhich iS a legaLly reotigiized Political party. 3. Available information indicates that the Nationialet Part .alse with the Nevimiento Revolunionario Nacional rindicalista (M1DS Argonte nationalist movement led bythillo Outierres Herrero. that Gutierres gerrerovisited Chile In September 1948, and entered in withleaderiref_the Natimalist Party of Chile, Federico flujiea Ceaeleel Jorge Valdes flendeville, Jorge Dorval? Nemeses, and Guillermo'Isquiordo Araya were vited te vieit Argentina during 1948. Bereuno Menesee and Tequierde Arayn are still in Buenos Aires. It is also believed that contact is maintained by the Chilean Nationalist Party with nationalist groups of Bolivia, Fern, Venezuela, and other countries. 4. The nationalist Party of Chile, With headqparters at Calle Nuerfenos 1164, office '8, was founded on 12 October 1945 by a group of Chilean nationalists who had previously belonged to the old Naciste or National recialiet Party of Jorge Gonealest von threes. 5. Under the leadership of Hedilberto Bisons Merino, the former chief of the Provincial Department or the old Wacista Party, the new nationalist Party obtained an undisclosed but large sum of money to be used for propaganda in favor of the presidential candidacy of Alfredo Duhalde, The Nationalist Party leaders, however, used this money in the furtherance of party rather than Duhalde interests. SW). sequently, they unsuccessfully attempted to form an alliance with Ldnardo Cruz Cobs, the ,leader of the Social Christian trim of the Conservative Party. RIBUTION TING MUST BE MENT. This document le hereby reg rad o CONFIOENUAL In eccordanc the letter of 10 October 1 from the CON Director of Central nee to the Archiviet of the ed States. Next P.evi 146pyol For Relea e 1999/09/09 : me AO CH Ies DEC s. CH 0 NTIAL LDA: Auth: A-RDPEafigatION 63 S C '77 CONF ?Approved For Release 1999/09/09 NIIAL TI78.2-00457R002400140005-9 25X1A2g CEIfU, LLIGOE AGENCY 0. From 1946 until the preiont time, the Nationeliet Party of Chile has steadily grown in importance althowh it has not re-emerged as a legally recognised politioal entity, or has iv, presented candidates in any election. At present the party has groepa organiled in the provinces of Llanquihne. Valdivia, Cautiap Coneepcien, OtHigsins?ranting? Ace:league and Valparaiso. Though Wile militant membership of this party is.anail, it reportedly oontrols the votes of approximately 12.000 people. 7. Thourgh the PartIdo Hacionaliite does notat present publi a newspaper or ite awn a oenpaign is now being undertake with the viev toward raising eurfiaient funcls for the publication of 1 weekly or a meni.weekly, paper to be milled n* data of pnbliettion of this nemspaper is not yet known. . The fbllowing are leMbers of l'Ae Dational Breoutive Board of the Particle Necionallate de Chile: 25X1A6a Secr3tar7 GeAsral tary tax7 :f Finance fl ? eedilberto Biesma Merino Cedilla 377236 ROSidOBOG Calle Pizarro 1651 Jorge Geller& Rodrigues Pedro Layton R. Cedula 621a6 i26110(4 a province of Santiago racrettr? or Provinces Ginf Ulloa Peres c>dula 222366 cretcry of Partr Pri.paratici . Gaston Alejandro Aoua t and Itopagan 'Labor ricretary Federico nujica Canals. 11111116ma, The MRNS Ithich ie noted for its ultra-nationalist policy, its seed-United Mates attitUd3, its anti-Jewish stand, and its complete cooperation te,th the Hirpanidee movemeat has been in contact with the Nationalist Party of fihile for stveral mare. Approved FoMmn COI (AL ENTIAL IA-RDP82-00457R002400140005-9