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November 16, 2016
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March 23, 2000
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February 24, 1949
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'IC !ON e: * T (. O NT Y Uw.stema aAl Salvador T C Alfredo Guerra Borges, Secretary of 25X1A2g DATE DtSTR.24 February 1949 NO. OF PAGES 1 25X1 A6a " m'ba.ssy in El Salvador PLCE ;QU RED SOURCE .~?''" - NO. OF ENCL. cusTEO det.OW) 25X1X6 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. Alfredo Guerra Borges, who was named Secretary of the Cuetemalan Embassy in San Salvador on 24 January 1949, is a suspected Communist and self- styled: founder of the Guateaelen Commmittee for Peace and Democracy, a sponsored the G:u.atemalan Committee for Peace and Demmocracy. He is a past Secretary General of the SAiC .R-TI, believed to be a Communist-front organization and also a sponsor of the Committee for Peace and Democracy.. Cox rd.sst front organization. He is expected to devote-.a good part of his energy in El Salvador to the Zause of the local Committee for Peke and Democracy. Both Committees are part of a continental drive to organize a Communist-sponsored Congre ma for Peace and Democracy in Mexico in .the spring of 1949. Guerra Borges was born at 'Juatemals City about 1924. He is married'to Josefine Cestaneda 'ransi]. a. Until his appointment to El Sa1vedor, he was employed as an Editor in the Department of Publicity of the President. He held the position of Ins'ie ctor General of Labor for a time during 191x8. He is a member of the Partido de Accion rievolucionaria (PAR), for which he electioneered during tba recent elections, and of the Sindieato de Trabajadores ,~ nteleetuales y Artistiis Revolucionerias (STIAR) which was one of the vroups Guerra Borges was in Chile until 1947, and it was there that he became interested in Comminism.. He is the recipient of Communist propaganda from Cuba and :. xi co , 4 nd a correspondent of Lombardo Toledano, 2exi can leader of the CTAL.. 4, Guerra is planr.'.ng to organize an international Congress of Intellectuals and Artists to be held in Guatemala City. his document is CONi~IDEN71AL in latter of 16 0 Director of Ceti Archivist of the Next Review i ;4RMY EXCISED CLASSiP[CATION CONFID reby rearm. t :ordance with otho n r 191$ from I inte1fl once to tho Ited States. NOTICE: THIS DISTRIBUTION LISTING MUST BE EFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT. MD fluTt0N (ON NTIAL ',,I h. Approved For Release 2000/05/18: A-RDP8hb4