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November 9, 2016
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March 9, 1999
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March 1, 1949
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CLASSIFICATION .t 'F&M82-004RJ2fi8? Approved For REIt-1 ~~~~ CCUIY !CT INFORM Reaction of Chilean Political. P to C , t Propo :`. for Unity 25X1A DATE DISTR. 1 ~;ar 1)49 NO. OF PAGES 1 . OF ENCLS. EDHUM) 25X1X6 5X1A2g SUPPLEMENT REPORT NO. It is reported that IT Io Ruts :zolar, leader of the Chi can Radical Democratic Party which is a member of tine FRh$ coalition, has been authorized to accept the c n t proposition for alliance.' The igrariau-Labor Party, another t .ber of FIW , allegedly does not favor a f l agrmvnt with the Coiimmisto. It is noted that Jaime Lorrain Garcia-Piareno, the president of the Arbor Ply, did not attend a meeting hold after the dd1e of San ry in which the proposed unity with the Co tta r lets was allegedly ?'erioun differences concerning the proposed political union with the Comnuniste are also reported to exist among leaders of the ialange Ylacional. Icy Falange leaders ?illegedly feel that any official electoral went with the C?munistW would sorious7.y endanger unity within their party, since a great number of Falangists are ardent Catholics and would be'unwilling to accept a form]. alliance with tho Co. iu ate, see to gain political advanced Tomas Ryes, the president of the Falanger has personally expressed neither approval nor disapproval, but has claimed that it would be neueseary to consult the National Executive Board of the party before such a decision could be talon. It is believed that he is stalling for time and waiting to see what decision will be made by the other components of MS, 4,a Although Eugenio ( ntsalas Rojas, the Secretary General of the ?ocialiat Party, has personally encpreseed his approval of the Communist proposal for the formation of a P tional Democratic Front, the majority of the members of the Central Committee of date are oppoeeed to such an alliance. In view of the attitude of these rn rs, Goners Rojas Is reportedly delaying the calling of a Central Committee 25X 1 A6a,ing until the political situation berme clearer. gzmrx-t. reported that the Com mist Party of Chile was 25X1 A2g att. to gather all anti- vermaent parties in-Go a Fronts Uiacional Dem*cratieov WARNING NOTICE: THIS DISTRIBUTION LISTING MUST E JED BEFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT. This document is hereby regraded to ' Director of Central Inteitigence to they Archivist of the United States. CONFID TIAL A Memo, A rs77 'Aries"roved"For Releasell999/09/09: CIA-RDP8 -UO' CD NO.