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November 16, 2016
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March 23, 2000
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March 1, 1949
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":Yi`/F 1 : 1OF~+ 4i, ~~ .u ci f w i:~ -1 Approved For R& 2OD 1511 !CCI DP82-0045 RO024 2 25X1A2g 0$ PITI ?l Colombia L. ! tv l- TI DATE DISTR. I 0'1D\'-I Ir"nT A'1 .0 L_ -,%- '."UIRED 25X1A6a .4-11l e used by the Communists sa a means of communication with Communist F an s in zeig3hboring countries. (:: , Inman sta do Colombia (PCC - Communist Party of Colombia) is atte= pting to the dormant ?Cuanza do Intolectualeo Colombians (AIC - Union of ;oiombian Intellectuals). The tl$C was originally organized in &ugust of 1947 with several PCC leaders, z nch as P1varo Saneletnente, taking a prominent part. Its monbership at that g,+sne also included various leftist intellectnals w?io were not members of the o nmist Party. The AM had as its ostensible purpose the promotion of a-t.ltu relations among the Latin American countries. III ?ebruar y 194.1 the AIC sent a cable to the I'resir3ent of Chile urging that Sao action be taken against Pablo Tleruda, the Chilean Connwrist leader and oet. That nessage was signed by Gilborto `%Tieira Ihite, Jorge Regueros Poralta,, '.?. 11r6 Sancloriente, Rafael Baquee o If., and Manuel Zapata Olivella. Recently a A1C sent a message to the Venezuelan government requesting that Romulo 8,3 r,anSourt be granted permission to leave Venezuela. Vlan.s Tare being formed to hold a nesting of leftist intellectuals of Colombia r,hc near ?u~ure to effect the reor .nization of the AIC. This association %t+4Im nti A 25X1 X6 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. =y :'n lie4e with the Comr--inist policy of organizing front groups, the Partido Next Review Date: 2008 letter 01 4V j..: r r Director of Centra' *eEIiU ice to the Archivist of the ignite tales. This do^,wbn9 is ,~ _' to CONFIDP" 11Al, ~ccort~ 1.ii the el -the WARNING NOTICE: THIS DISTRIBUTION LISTING MUST BE CLASSIFICAT1ON rT t 't,gFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DOCUMENT. avv Nsan DIST31BUTION te - _ _ . ~ .._._ I I AI~_-.. .a ARMY ~locumen lass. Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RD2=