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November 9, 2016
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March 9, 1999
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March 2, 1949
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FORM N0.51.4A SEPT.1948 '25X 1 A Approved F'?r-Release 19991 g/ - 2-00457 ~p~ IIVTCLQiVE AiY FgT>~0 PL S ICATION ? Er, - COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Activities of PCCh in Uniting Anti-government Document tvv. Nv 0 .;,r?'1F sD/ / 1 i G. b /y /T S I L_ 3, jssiou of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh) has approved The Political Comm a es, .ution which set lip a formula for unity for all anti-government partie.s,, incl cdin' the l' Agrario Laborista (Agrarian-Labor Party). that a Nazi taint still exists among the directors and The Ch conside militants of the Agrarian-tabor Party, but voted for its inclusion. In ap- pr,dVing this restl..ution;, the 'Political Commission stated that in no way would it deviate'from the Party line of anti-imperialist struggle and agi- tation for pe~ce% The PCCh does nct believe that an overthrow of the government is possible at this time, jut hopes that the Frente Naeional Democratico (FND) will'gain enough adherents to assure the election of a sufficient number of deputies and sen.atoxs to impede any policy of the government. To attain the unity necessary for the accomplishment of'its purpose the FND will ado a minimum platform to which all component parties can ss lrr txe. o elabo,ate ograms have been laid out. The watchwords will be simple and M&.. 1eated over and over. The first task was to create an organization and nthat that has been accomplished, public support is being sought. pbla hneetins are being held where simple problems are discussed and an atten is made to generate public enthusiasm. The essential points stressed are: he Chilean government by its present policy is delivering itself up imperialism. The policy of exorbitant prices which favor exploiters must be combated.. 4, The hunger of the people, brought about by the imperialistic monopolies and the exploiters, must be relieved. The Political Commission of the PCCh considers that its task is to exploit the latent discontent which exist, among the people. At no time, however, will di.rectivgz elabgrati n; on this policy be issued by the Communist Party and e `erything will be done in the name of Marmaduke Grove Vallejos, now acting as head of the F'.ND. _l instructions, manifestos, and communica- tions will be officially made by Grove. NO. OF PAGES '' Approved For Release 1999/09/09 :CI CENTFAL INTELLIGENCE kGF NCY 25X1A2g 25X1A6a Carlos Rosales All act as liaison between the PCCh and theFND. His only assigned task will be to maintain contact with the directors of the FND. Humberto Abarca was assigned the task of uniting the parties within the FND. It was felt in Communist circles that i9ahe could succeed in uniting the FND and the MS.,* his election as Secretary General of the PCCh would be assured. :omment. It has been reported that l barca has 'failed in this task. Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002400300011-4