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November 9, 2016
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March 11, 1999
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March 4, 1949
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;S. ' ~.~. MAS Approved For Rel A19R, / A 1PAdip82-00458 4A83 FOR MA. L 25X1A2g COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Frente Nacional Dsmocratico, Cps organization 25X1A6a LACE 'CQUIRED ?AT ' of IN 25X1 X6 DATE DISTR. 4 'ar 1949 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The following background information has been obtained on the Frente Wacional Demoeratico (iND). Caromunist-front organization through which the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh] is hoping to elect deputies and senators sympathetic to Communism, L. The FND was organized 20 April 191;8 and its offices are located at Ca].le ::ierced 815 in Santiago. At the time of its establishment, it was stated that its aim was to fight against hunger, speculation, and imperialism,, The FN1] has held forums and meetings among all types of people in groups composed of labor leadera3. members of student federations, intellectuals, merchants, and womenga or,anizations. The meetings were used to express the discontent of all classes of people and to criticize the government on various topics of the day such as light rationing during the winter, high prices, the extraordinary powers of the president, and prosecution of Communists. 2 In June 190, its formal political program was adopted. This program in-? Eluded recommendations for municipal control of utilities, exploitation of Chilean resources for and by Chileans, industrialization of Chile and destruction of monopolies, agrarian reforms, reductions in taxes and in i;ariffs affecting Peru. and Bolivia, and various labor meavures., The FND is composed of the Parrtido Socialists Unificado, the Partido ~3ocialista Autentico. and the Communist Party. There are also other groups, such as the Partido Liberaliata, the Movimiento Social Laborista, the Partido i)emocratico del P :blo, and the Partido Radical Doctrinario? h. In August 19118, the Political Committee of the PCCh made attendance at he FND,.meetings obligatory for all militants. The Executive Committee of the FND formally adopts the various resolutions of the organization, but in practice the decisions; are made by the Communist Party Political Com- rai.ttee., Militants of the PCCh control the FND. so that resolutions cone ;nary to the Party line have no chance of being passed. The members of the Executive (ommittee-of the FND are listed with their titles and their party affiliations: STATE NAVY NSRB TRlBUTlON 00 This document is hereby r _ded to CONFIDENTIAL in o c __: ' ce v;th the Archivist of n c J States. letter of 16 C)273 tram the Director of C'erar . : ~ 7cnno to the NO CHANGE DECLASS EON Fa.RE1 1ALclas3. CRANE, Da-~.-. V 9/09/09: CIA-RDP8110045 Approved For Release 1999/09182-00457R002400330009-4 25X1A2g. LL ;tI ?g v d ?,armaduke Prove VVa) z.e ?ios, President. Grove is a.Senator and also Socialists Unificado. Elias Lafertte G.. Vice Fr.esident. Lafertte is also President of she Chilean Coax-iun:;.st Party anal a : ena tor. earos Vicuna iiuent?es, Sloe President. Vicuna Fuentes is a lawyer iii co%? .ide:eabie nrr_ sti._e who has consistently throughout his political hale defended tLi4 cause of the underdog. both Communists and on? ervatiweee d- Armando Pouri uez ..uezac a. Secretary General. He is head of the ?ocial-Laborist movement having been expelled from the Radical Party. He was civil aide-c.e-camp of ex-President Pedro Aguirre Cerda, and is now the national President of the Boy Scouts. Carlos Rosales, Directory and member of the Communist Party. Rosales acts as liaison between the FND and the Communist Party. He was elected De duty in 1939 .as member of Socialist Party. This became the Socialist Workers Party and in 19111 amalgamated with the Communist Party. Santiago Wilson, Director. President of the Partido Democratico del Pueblo (The Democratic People's Party). He is Vice President of the Spanish-Chilean Counission of Help to the People of Spain. . Angelina :datte Hurtado, Treasurer of FND and a member of the Socialista Unificado Party. h. Daniel Acuna, Director and Socialista Autentico member.. Asdrual Pezoa. Director. and head of the Socialista Autentico Party. Luis Videla F.,' Directory and Socialista Autentico member. He is Vice President of the "Cimite Nacional de Solidaridad y de Defensa de las Libe rtades Publi cas" k, Santiago Aguirre, Lirecter. A,,uirre is an Independent and pro-- Communist. He is Treasurer of Partido Socialista Unificado, and Secretary of ""Comite National de Solidaridad y de Defensa de las Libertades Publicas." 1. Juan B. Arredondo. Socialists Autentico member.. 6. Uhen meetings of the FND first began to be held in August 191x8, they were attacked by the Accion Chileaa Anticomunista (ACHA), which however has been reportedly inactive in recent months. At that time, the government sus- pended one of the meetings which was to be held in a large theatre in Santiago. It has not since taken legal action to prevent the group from holding; public meetings. A meeting was held on the occasion of the anniv- ersary of the hussian Revolution, and in December 19118 a large mass meeting of the F1'JD, attended by approximately 11000 men, was held in the hstadio Chile, C-OWH$&fiMCL Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002400330009-4