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November 9, 2016
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March 25, 1999
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March 3, 1949
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25X1 Aoproved For RelA42-004578?P4 - CD NO. ~''? ~"F'DENTI COUNTRY Ghi]s/'spa~ AL 25X1A r)ATE DISTR. 3 lar 1949 SI 3JECT Activities of "penien oar eta in Chile NO. OF PAGES 3 25X1A6a 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF 1 NO.OF ENCLS. GUSTED QELOWn SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 X6 REPORT NO. 25X1A6a Irzi11 .i? and' ~, r ~y W KA ry^ I \1 M. 'i .. Chilean Communist Party MC K), but devote themselves entirely to soliciting funds to send to France for the aid of Party menbert, in Spain. They are worrc- ing to maint in acti s propa jFr, a against Franco and have as their motto, "A thinC at .inst Franco". The ' panioh Commit=niets were 'or sly active within the PCCh from 1937 until 1944 and 1945. They cauac Ii so many :aerioua incidents and problems within the Part,, that they ivre roc u ; ted to u3 t =. 2, The Spanish Cornni:rt:o coo na ioipate in the policital activities of the The folio=ring report Thr ieh r iurr :;nt inftrrittion on the activities of J'. e `'patieh CommWist Party in ^ 3i 3 .4 Julian Quosac-a ttlozt * ig th- hid of the group of Spanish Communists now in Chila, Cuerada is reported .;o a an intimate friend of President Gabriel Gonzales Vi.del.^, and bar uev ? r- sins detained or molested by the Chilean pollee In any way, At preaeni:,w Quo, nd is fora?g Committee for the Aid of Spanish Iepuhlieane r ruse''tn Ti o i.ah are held in the office of Guillermo Pedr ogal .. 4 ;oat of these j nr"r ivictiials 130 ? hli end returned to France or .Argentina, al.- t'hou,fa the frni.l :es of some of ; hem remained in Chile, Planual Dalieado, one of the outstandin rlrar=i.*.?h Cann=,xists in Chile, is now living in Montevideo. of the perk dical, ow. p rt sads his hee,, a member of the Communist Party since 1939, lso a member of ;:he Ilion General do, T bajadores. He is also reported to to in touch with 1 ztnan ` 1st Party g 8'rs, and to be the administrator `C?,Dotum[ent r k I'll Approved For Release 1999/09/24: CIA-RDP82-00457R002400390002-5 -,ems sir C -, ;,