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November 16, 2016
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March 24, 2000
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March 4, 1949
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{:'LASS! FICAITJ ,.. Approved For Releas4eE3M Q5 ftWf,0024004h f NO. COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Communist Party Or tsrtlc 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 4 "er. 1949 NO. OF PAGES CIA`ow NO. OF ENCLS. fUSTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO focent_ diecussi a ai-tthip the t+y mis Parttr OW6ftle (PCCh) have centered on questions raised in corusectien with n6w*d' " ivee, probably furnished by Viotorio Codovilla,rt Argentine 0bmamrnist ,cad The following ans'mrs to various points of discussion< reflect the cat6ftt orientation of the Party, 1? Flow can the strong influence of ?lrnerion od ercial activities be countered? a. The general party line of the Co=nxtdt Party indicates that at the moment the whole Party must cancent S exclusively on the struggle against irr-periali and in t _nreat, ant in favor of peace, b. This fight includes the following cents: (1) Strikes and voluminous petitions; (2) Campaign for agitati_ Ot the masses, demonstrating that the economic situation is dam excl _ vely to the present condition of being a semi-colonial country domined by American capital; (3) Demon titration that if them were commercial exchange with the USSR, Chile could easily realize a poliev of nationalisation of industries without depending- on the it ernati aa1 monapelies d co The struggle in Chile is summed up in these three fundamental points. On the other hand, In other:f-ountriee such as Argentina, according to news received in Fatty handqua tens, it deals with seeking a formula for supporting the government economically, but not politically, so that Peron's policy will be favorable to Lthe t1SSI, d With respect to strikess, the Coca mist Party of Chile has a criterion. It does not accept "general triheaI since such a course is considered to be the supreme appeal of the" proletariat, but,:-on the contrary uses a new policy of revolving strikes Mich results in almost complete paralysis of the industries, without a1 the government. This system of revolving strikes has the following fub tale: In each industry there is a division of labdro in the eamer adustry there are the miners, the carriers, the railroad wor rI , the a asp -yicrkml's and finally tlti@ e these are dim various ndbann; thus the policy is to paralyze one This r9n ___ ,_ iii i~ # !n 'NoroLy/ r CO ,t'T' IAL in accordar, j ;.r; fetter of 16 October 1O7;; Director Qf Central intelligoi Archivist of thhe ? ^.ct FRvo ePR; Dat 2003 i 1 ri ?Y r) 77 5/18: CIA-RDP82-00457R002.4004110.9p3 C