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November 16, 2016
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March 24, 2000
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March 4, 1949
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W-,SSIFICATION Approved ForIR&2f@IIR(#ECI;QEP82-00417.20 IMMORNA IN COUNTRY Paraguay SUBJECT Paraguayan communist Party meetings 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 25X1X6 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 4 4war 1949 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED SELOW) SUPPLEMENT 25X1A2g 25X1X6 1. The assembly of Cozniet party leaders* hold in Parana, Paraguay during the latter part of January 1949 was attended by Paraguayan Communist PartCPP) leaders, Rodolfo Ghioldi of the Argentine Co nunist Party, Enrique Rodriguez of the Uruguayan Coamnnnls t Party, and E. Costadoni of the Chilean Communist Party. 2. The foreign delegates were welcomed by the Paraguayan Communists, Obdulio Barthe, who emphasized the sufferings and struggle of the CPP, stating that the Party must seek aid from every source. He called for international cooperation and cited the necessity of forming a counter-espionage network in South America to combat the work of the "Yankee de etives". 3. The opening speech was made by the Paraguayan Communist, Antonio Bonsi, ** in the name of Oscar Creydt, prominent leader of the CF?, Augueto Canete and other Paraguayan Communist leaders who were not present. k. The principal speech of the assembly vas delivered by Rodolfo Ghioldi who spolm of the sufferings of Comnunist prisoners in Paraguay and praised the fight being carried on by the CPP. He said the Argeptine Communist Party was well organized and pledged its aid to the CPP. The main point of Ghioldi(s speech was his call for a Continental Union of Commmniot Parties against anti-democratic forces. The speech was replete with expletives against the United States, and Ghioldi stated that the work of continental union must be carried out by leaders only, in a manner no secret that the "Yankee gestapo" would not learn their plans. *** 5._ Ghioldi reportedly stated that if the contents of this speech were to become known to the Peron government the Argentine Communist Party would probably be persecuted as strongly as is the CPP. 6. E. C utadoni., representing the Co ist Organizations of Chile, pledged fun aid of the Chilean Communist Party and the Chilean people to the CPP. 7. A message was brought by Enrique, Rodriguez on behalf of the `}peeial Uruguayan Emergency Commission (La Comision Aispooial do Emergencia Uruguaya). Rodriguez added that the Communist Party of Uruguay pledged full support of Paraguayan Communists as well as continental solidarity, 'through its secretary General Eugenic Gomez and Uruguayan Comnvn is Julia Arevalo de Roche and Isabel Pinto do Vidal, STATE 1 NAVY NSRB --oTeLmoR aR10V AIR Fes __ Doc NO CH ,,J< DECL ( 1"1111'-ff W- Class. CT' Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82 P'bt47 ate: ENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002400410ei11-2 25X1A2g a mi ned I onesi as stt of were w 07 m In the opening speech, tv3 V01 TIM- :.: Paraguayan Coimtrmi sts i-A August Cane Jose Bandure Arsenio Ihave z Ranulfo Srit4?s Victorian Baas Domir go Aguiier 'Tito Dias Donifacio Sall;ano Lucas Ramirez Ernesto Eepindo Antonio R ben c s lnibsl Delm a Antonio Azau,rra Carlos Bogacio $ oilo `"-ona Asuncion Torres Alicia Benits doiri 4a Ct L 1 qu1 Lo io a8 Ena* 3a cion flek Rosa CApm GmIzalex 2tamon dotorto 'wtort o Caccia S? i cto rri.ano Ids za fl non Tortora Jose A. Flores rii uitis Veron L+ .clo .o torto Ltigoberto Pereira Antonio Nunes Acosta Anarielo Castillo Antonio G marry Caliito Bogado Marcos Zeida Alfonzo Guerra Timoteo Ojeda Alfredo Alcorta Francisca Martinesi Elva Armoa Onofre Ruiz Diaz J. Vicente B. Cuellar Fulgenaio Merino Josefina Torres Barth spoke in the name of Pa rd< yn Cum ist leaders in jail in Asuncion and listed the followi nammtn, adding that there were five hundred more vb he had not time to menttio is Encarnacion Get Estela Vera M'artines+ Furitioacion Gomesz Lucid Oregano Roa Efrain Ibsriez Anibal Francisco Codas Maria L 1ena -tines Blanca Seifar Chirglita Ramirez Paqul.ta Doria Irma l3ritez Concepcion zlongelos 10. At a mail meeting in Asun:oion on 15 JaWar7 1949, Antonio Sanehes, Secretary of Agitation and Propaganda of the CPP, delivered an address in which he stated 25X1A2g 25X1X6 that there will never be pace in Paraguay as long as the "falae Colorados" were in power. Under the category of "false Colorados" he included the Guion Rojo, followers of em-President Higini.o Tforinigo, Felipe Molas Lopez, Liberato Rodrigues and Lt. Colonel Adalberto Cane''', all of 'whom were beaked by "the Yankee imperialists" who wanted to impede the pacification of Paraguay. Sanchez called for Communist cooperation with the better elmente of the Colorado Party to oust these "false Colorados" He t*u 'her stated that the people should not be misled by a United States or Argentine .loan, for these foreigners merely wanted to with- draw more of the riches of Paraguay, gMMI.. Bonzi had been in jail in Asuncion but was released in December 1948 through sornai inexplicable error on the part of the Asuncion police. He went to Buenos Aires as Paraguayan delegate to a meeting in that city on 4 January 1949 and is now living irk exile in Formosa, Argentina. 25X1X6 Cent. Ghioidi gill form and be the head of a South American intelli- gence organizations (ONROENTfAL- Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002400410011-2