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November 9, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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March 4, 1949
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C ASSIFICATION ' '' _.. ?_.a Approved For Rel~~a@~~(( WRA COUNTRY Syria/r- /Groat Br t.dn UDJECT Syrian Position RGgardillp, 25X1 A6a Foreign. Treaties 'LACE ACQUIRED ()ATE OF IN 25X1X6 ATE DISTR. 4 -mar 1949 he y regraded to 015ordance w:th the er 1878 from the aI Intelligence to the United States. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW? UPPLEMENT TO 1.: On 14 January 1949 Prasi(1ont 7at1i of Syria, Anir Adil Arslan, Syrian deepu r, and I,ebanosa lavr r ELVaq BMW discussed the future policy of Syria in her relations with the Great Ponesareo They decided that Syria could riot depond onp or concludes, t, 1"aty Vith, the United Status because of the tics of the latter -rij"--th Zfrz ian; nor could Syr iii conclude a treaty ritli the Soviet onion bo(ause o.f the Cotes of the U. R, and because Syria is within the ,Ang ic.&-ior3 can sphere of influsencoo T 110y feat teat it vaoul d not be possible to conclude a treaty with Groat I3r3.ta3n, because Britaini s ant)iticns ro not carapatibla with real f'roedom for Syria., and because of Dri.tain i s protection of the Ilashim i to T erofore the nan concluded that a treaty trite, prance t ould be Kingdoms, dangerous than nit h the other p rs, p vided that-France mould abandon her t oriali.stic ideas and tr '?t Syria as an equai., 2r, These mare decided to antes into din a negotiations with the proper French authorities concar unitary and political treaty, the provisions of which mould dafond the Syrian Republic in its present force against any aggressor. n :ms Ilarmur rms asked by President Quwrratl.i to ascertain fron the French ether conclusion of such a treaty would be possible, and source stated that if these prelim many negotiations 25X1 X6 succeed? the Syrian Govi3x. erd would begin official negotiations, _3. Some influential Sgriar x . includ Lhdiaamd MhaM Lbidarris, Wealthy raescbnt of Aleppo; '.Abd .i.-Rahn