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November 9, 2016
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December 18, 1998
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March 4, 1949
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SUBJECT Report from Slovene Christiah Socialist Party 25X1A9a COUNTRY Yugoslavia 25X1X6 25X1A6a ,VrrLG-nC11I 1V REPORT NO. 1. A report from Slovenia was recently rest ived by political leaders abroad, which purports to be an authentic message from the leaders of the Slovene Christian Socialist Party Yugoslavia. A precis of the salient points of the text foll.(we : a., The Slovene Christian Socialist Party is the strongest resistance group in Slovenia; b. The differences between the Catholic factions there are now resolved as a result of commc-n opposition to the rem; c. The Slovene Christian Socialist Party desires an autonomous Slovenia within a Central 0a ropearDanubian Confederation. This group rejects a Centralized Federated Yugoslavia and the concept of "Tugoslovenstvol"; do The group advocates governmental and economic reforms patterned along Christian Socialist lineal e,. The Party claims that the Slovene Liberation Movement -in-Exile is phlegmatic and ineffective. It demands concrete action and the es- :;ablishment of regular communication with the homeland f. It advises that the former Slovene Christian Socialist Party leaders idward Kocbek, Tone Fajfar and Dr. Marijan Brecelj have refused to dis- continue their collaboration with the Tito regime. Comments It is unlikely that the report, in its entirety, ex- presses Fie` combined opinion of Solar, Gosar, Fabjan and Besednjak,, Younger Slovene Christian Socialist Party elements are extremely disillusioned with the Tito regime and opposed to any future Yugoslavia under a Serb leadership. Thrk r ocumert is i' CCF~, ro,^y regr,I d to PLACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED DATE OF IN ,:i.ASSIFRCATit)N S /'CONTROL - Us, Approved For ReleA9671800t06ICLM NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) STATE!-JAN NSRL QISTRIBU~ Ri4Y ` CLASS{FiCATfCN o VICW Gyre: ' ~s3 ~rcn;Jgst c,f hn 6 ?... r-ce to the 4 'Dr tl - r ~.:oF. c,f r ;,,, ; '"J,. _ :,$ ,._ 3 f;cm the ITIAL 'Class. CHA Auth ; DDA Approved For Release 1999/f!J/09 : CIA-RDP83 QA=4 25X1A2g