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November 9, 2016
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March 25, 1999
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March 9, 1949
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=~ 5 sII FCATION 25X1A 7ol0'ra FOR` A r"oRT CD NO. COUNTRY Chile .:..~ rT1I r SUBJECT Instructions to Ca nnur 1st Gells in f ntiago PLACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 25X1X6 DATE DISTR. 9 iAiar 1949 NO. OF PAGES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) RETBAA TB CIA UBI0 PLEMENT TO ORT NO. The following instructions were given to the `'antiago cells of the Coimnunist Party of Chile (PCCh) for the week of 7 to 13 February 1949t 1. Submit a report concerning possible ways of organizing the women of the sectors for various types of work, particularly the collection of funds. 20 Continue the campaign, which was to close 15 February, to collect 500,000 peeps. 3, Study thoroughly the proceedings against Cardinal Mindszenty in Hungary, taking into account the following backgrounds .Approved For Relea 1 9? WQ9tQ RDEW-00457 0ig? A Hungary does not belong to the United Uations because the capitalist countries would not admit it, so the protest made by President Gonzalez Videla is not valid. b. Chile has a history of having indicted and deported priests and prelates who tried to intervene in politics. Executives, including former President Balrnaceda, have made requests to the Vatican for designations and removals, and in 1938 Chile demanded the dismissal of Archbishop Campillo from his post in Santiago. A comrade of each cell should be assigned to study this matter in detail, and the cell should study his report as a matter of indoctrination. c. Avoid discussion of this mtter with possible allies, but lose no opportunity to bring the Chilean parallel to every one's attention. Draw up as soon an possible a list of all Party members and sympathizers who are known to be government employees. This list is for the purpose of bringing to their attention the large number of persons involved in the reorganization pro- posed by the government which will endanger the jobs of Comm nists,, 5. Keep informed of all mass meetings, such as those of the Frente Nacional Democratico, so that the secretariat may be advised of the location of the meetings, and so that each cell will know its proper place at the mass gatherings. 6. In the mass meetings, keep in mind the instructions previously issued concerning agitators. Attempt to fraternize with the Carabineros. Do not forget what Gale Gonzalez has said: "Tie must not lose a single man," CLASSIFICATION STATE NAVY # NSRB P1 RIBUTION 5EF I I ARMY 1(' AIR J~X F86 1i ,ApprovedFor Release 1099/09/09: CIA-RDP82-004vb Date; 25X1A Apr 77 ,,Approved For Release 1999/09/0 ''-CIA'~~bP2-00457R002400590002-3 ~E R L INTELLIGLUICE AGENCY 25X1A2 ?7, The Party ti-dll continue its illegal work, being car+efu1, to avoid application of repressive laws. 8. All propaganda on hand supporting the Radical candidates must be destroyed. PCCh members must not ;brget that the Radical party is ra8ponsible for the repressive msasures ammnet Communists. Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002400590002-3