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November 9, 2016
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February 25, 1999
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March 10, 1949
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25X1A Approved For Rell 6919 9EN06AARD 8'2-00457 T CD NO.. COUNTRY Chile CO WIDENT DATE DISTR. 10 :: 19' 9 SUBJECT Alleged Sabotage of Radio I u vo tftmdo NO. OF PAGES 1 PLACE 25X1 A ACQUIRED DATE OFINF+ 25X1X NO. OF ENCL.S. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1., Chilean Investigaeionea ae3de a technical examination of the fuses on the bombs which had been di3oovered at La Radio Nuevo undo on 30 January 1949, and (same to the conclusion that the incident did not reveal a Cor>:almist-inspired attempt at sabotage. The police therefore advised the newspaper La inion to refrain from eat sensational stories that a plan of Comunist terrorism was under way.* 2. The radio station and , ,(om belong to Juan Bautista Rossetti, Socialist 25X1A 25X1A deputy, .source believes that the incident of the alleged attempt at sabotage was invented by members of the 1ociml.iet Party to arouse anti-Communist senti- mente and to attract more persons to. the public meetings held by Rossetti and Bernardo Ibanez, who are 5ocial3st candidates in the 6 March elections.,** lit. ,r_0121= oE carried a sensational story on 31 January 1949 cover- ing an alleged attempt of the Communist Party to blow up the radio station, La Radio Nuevo Ilundo. It 7zC0 AJV on Sunday morning,, 30 January, a laborer of this radio station found two bombs, one at the transmission station and one at the base of the antennae. The police were notified and .Ot,iaiwn denounced the attempt as a plan of Communist terrorist. The paper took advantage of this opportunity to point out the goverment's error in suspending its Extraordinary powers, and stated that henceforth the country would be at the mercy of the Communists. Several news- papers followed La 0~a lead the following day. Co a t, There were only 250 persons in attendance at the Act of Proclamation of Ibanez and Rossetti, and on 3 February, Ibanez had to cancel a meeting in the Casa del Pueblo because of lack of an audience. Only a dozen people came to hear Ibanez tell of his recent trip to Europe. 1 h ci ~,^~srr:: nt i5 hereby rc-a od to COINIF"DE 2_11P%i in a c~ d: the letter asp ) Oc'.o cr f the Director of .ci r,ai tn:..o 3 =e +o the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 CcASSIFICAT1ON c'. r- STATE NAVY I ARFIY ?P` Ix) AIR Ef ~-~-C tom,,, Document N'o4 .* GL? DECLASSI Cj e. V;4 me Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002400610001-1 F1