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November 9, 2016
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January 25, 1999
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March 16, 1949
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CLASSIFICATION Approved For Release 1/0fT d8@-(A &0250019 KT NO. 25X1A2g a it U"11 I.Mr-L-L.&I INFOW ORT CD NO. COUNTRY Chile/Argentina 4L~,O&_9 Y r ?r T SUBJECT Investigation of Argentine Coatias of Chilean Presidents Brother n..Lav 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED _ _- _ . DATE OF INFO. Prior to 15 February 19+9 SUPPLEMENT TO DATE DISTR. 16 Mar 1949 NO. OF PAGES 1 25X1A2g NO. OF ENCLS. airwenm REPORT NO. 1. An investigation of the present activities of Carlos Marcltman do la Cruse brother.-ins-law of Chilean President Gabriel Gonzales Videla, was recently ordered by Investigations Director Luis Bruin D' Avoglio because of Maro1a an do is Cruz' close contact with Argentine government officials. ?arokrnan de la Cruz is believed to be in Buenos Aires at this time. 2. 1&dng use of his relationship to President Gonzalez Videla, Marckraan do Is Cruz has reportedly been engaged in many questionable business deals with Argentine government officials and with various firms in Argentina. At one time, he allegedly attempted to purchase Chilean merchant ships for the Argentine merchant fleet. Later, he purchased large quantities of scrap iron from the Chilean Fabrics de flateriales do Guerra and exported this as well as sizeable shipments of copper to Argentina. 3. Exceedingly suspicious of the activities of his brother-in-lair, President 4. Gonzales Videla at first attempted to prevent his questionable transactions. Failing in this, President Gonzales Videla now refuses to have any contact with T arckman de Is Cruz and has issued orders to bar him from the 14oneda. The exact nature of t?ia,rokman de is Cruz' Argentine connections is not known to the Chilean Investigaciones. However, following the election of President Gonzalez Videla, a telegram from Marekman de is Cruz was intercepted in which he promised that an Argentine naval contingent would be present at the inaugural proceedings. Such an Argentine contingent did come to Chile for President Gonzales Videla's inauguration. 5. Chilean Investigaciones is reported to have some evidence tending to indicate that 2?iarokman de is Cruz may have been involved in the recent abortive revolu". tionary movement in Chile. This evidence was apparently suppre6sed at the order of the Ministry of Interior so as not `wo embarrass President Gonzalez Videla. 3 Ca h e n #OCA v OUT r iS t~ Dy r?ar i t.o + ++'iI nce t~ nne T Archivist of the Ut-, !E.. `rat APB ov or elease 1 99/09/09: CIA-RDP82-00457R0025AA OOO Next _._ ,,f3 Date i .1878