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November 9, 2016
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January 4, 1999
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March 23, 1949
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CLASSIFICATION T"' Approved For Release 11Q91NtgflgWQ"2500360R-r NO. NFORMATION REPORT CD NO. 25X1A9a COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Instructions to Communist Cells for Last '4eek of February 1949 PLACE ACQUIRED 25X1A2g DATE DISTR. 23 LIar 1949 25X1A2g NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 25X1A2g DATE OF IN SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1X6 REPORT NO. 0 l., The following instructions to cells of the Communist Party of Chile for the week of 21 February to 1 Perch 1949 were transmitted orally in clandestine meetings,, a. No Communist militant should risk exposing himself to arrest with propaganda or pamphlets with names and addresses on his persona All papers of the Party must be destroyed or gotten rid of, b. If any militant has in his possession lists, stubs, or documents of an illegal nature, they must be destroyed immediately. Illegal documents are any toept copies of speeches made by Communist deputies e. All militants should be present at the blitz meetings which were or- Wi.zed in apparently extemporaneous fashion on street corners. In the event that Party members should be arrested by the police, the central office of the Frente National Democratico or the responsible officer of the Committee of Solidarity must be advised immediately. do Collection of funds should continue, and a daily account must be given to the person in charge of communal finances. The financial secretary of the cells must try to obtain funds from all militants, and cooperate with the financial' secretary of the commune to set a list of "possibilities", that is, those sympathizers who are disposed to remit certain somas of money periodically. The sale of bonds is one of the immediate assignments which must be undertaken. The cells can obtain the bonds from the Secretariats of the FIN. e. Women's organizations must be established. Each cell must have at least one woman in charge of women's affairs to complete the assignments which the Communist Party directorate recommends. 20 Tho Political Cormdssion of the Party has recommended to its Studies Commission the preparation of a report regarding the "religious struggle in Chile", to be used to counteract adverse publicity surrounding the verdict passed on Cardinal M-1indszenty. The Studies Comission was also instructed to prepare a brief history of thewonomic aid of the United States to the Latin American republics. This study will be assigned to the calls for consideration, and will probably be puts lished later in pamphlet form - NAVY- AIR r to This document is hereby re9 with the ,OQ. FIDENTIAL in accord 78 from the }.;;tter of f 16 Octob ntelligence to the Pcctor of Ge A~chiv st eA~bpWveW8r Relea p4 evieW pate: 2008 Date:/!