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November 9, 2016
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March 24, 1999
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April 14, 1949
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.,~;r1 ~33I"~~1t k Approved For Re pWAl~ 7RTE?C`8&, E 1A -g,'R 82.004170882 INFORMATION REPORT OUNTRY Paraguay T ENTIA co y Id 25X1A CD NO. DATE DISTR.:. Al NO. OF PAGES 3 94.9 2 yfgt'gation Special Secret Organization of Continental PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 25X1X NO. OF ENCLS. (USTEO BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO25X1A REPORT NO. As a result of the assembly of Communist Party leaders hold in Parana. Para ay during the. latter part of January 1949, a now organization known as Organizac,on recreta Especial de Inveotigacion Continental (Special ^ecret Organization of Continental Investigation) has been created. Each of the four countries represented at the assembly-Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.'-will foam its own investigative group so as to best further X ode of the organization. Augusto Canote, $'ecretary General of the Communist Party of Paraguay (PCP who has been in exile in Clorinda,,Argentina, was in Asuncion personally directing the plan of organization for the PCP's investigative oup Detailed operational instructions have been issued by the Capital Committee of the PCP to the chiefs of the four zones of Asuncion, as followst a,, A state of po_anent, mobilization was declared for all affiliates of the PCP? b, Lvery zone chief was authorized to tape action to learn every possible national and foreign secret. Contact is to be maintained with all PCP members who might be in a position to learn such secrets, w. Every POP member shall maintain close contact with his cell,, every cell with its zone chief, every zone chief with his Regional Committee and every Regional Committee with the Central Con 2ittee of the PCP d. Every neighborhood con in Asuncion shall establish schools in which all PCP members can be thoroughly briefed on instructions received by the various cells from their superiors. All PCP members were instructed to form necessary friendships for the purpose of obtaining a thorough Bowled{;. of their neighbors, either Parag umyan or foreign. Ueribere shall find out where their neighbors work, what tivrae they are at hone, whether they receive many visitors or leave their hones frequently, and if they do receive visitors, whether the visitors are foreigmers or nationals. CONFIDENTIAL NAVY air --~' his document is hereby regraded -t6 CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central InteIflgence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002600300001-3 C?-~- NFiuLN i IiiL CENTRAL INTELLIGETICL AGENCY _^4 25X1A 3. :gory detailed instructions were issued to zone chiefs regarding foreign r.'Uploiaatic missions in Paraguay, with narLicular emphasis placed on the :J1nrican Embassy and the British Legation. All Party militants were directed to learn the names of employees of missions, the particular office held by i-iaah employee, their private addresses, the names of their friends, nazis of visitors to their homed, and whether or not these employes change their residences frequently. 4.. Orders were also issued to group chiefs of the PCPs follows: a. Each group chief shall hire as agents men who are not generally Imown as Co iunists. The 1roup chief must know each prospect thoroughly is to his honesty, intelligence and political ideolog