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November 9, 2016
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March 24, 1999
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April 14, 1949
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FORM NO. 51-4A SEPT.1948 CLASSIFICATION g ANNIP Approved For Re~eEaNs. Al999/09/0 E - CIA-RDP82-004577ROO260003 INFORMATZO CT CD NO. COUNTRY Chile SUBJECT Post Election Policies of Chilean Communist Party 25X1A NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) r by .f: :,dett to { } a 'c;~ fiance with the ;,Luber 1978 from the SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. The following instructions, passed clandestinely to cells of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh) in Santiago, stress the post-election orientation of Party activity. a. Dispose of all election flyers, pamphlets, books and instructions in the possession of the militants. b. Be alert for instructions which will be given regarding labor propaganda. c. Decrease the attendance at the Frente Nacional Democratico meeting places. Information on this point will be given to the cell through the proper person designated within the cell. d. Renew efforts to collect funds for the Party to make up the sums spent on the elections. Give special attention to the woments organizations. Each cell must designate a woman member to take charge of such groups. The Party is studying a general plan to increase this phase of its work, and hopes to convince the women that it will help.them in their problems and will study with them the best manner in which they can solve their difficulties. oppression of all types. Docu f. Perfect techniques for continuing activity during the period of illegality. Members must accustom themselves not to use the telephone; there will be no established meeting places; they will have to work in the most isolated manner possible. With this preparation, when the time arrives for the Party to work completely underground, the methods of operating will be perfectly worked outl The older members have a special task in this work. They must assist the novices, and prevent them from making any mistakes which would cause a lowering of the morale of the less experienced militants. g. Party members are reminded that the primary purpose of the Party was not to obtain seats in the National Congress., but rather to construct a labor movement for Chilean workers which will mean total liberation from present C; .. I A I I I I I I 1 -1 I I i C C0'1'1'F I DENTIAL ri~ lettle STATE MW"X N ?PU ARMY # A1R # IX FBt D e B ; _ Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002600300003-1 CQN- ~i9TIAL 25X1X 25X1A 2. The Political Commission has worked out the following general points of policy under the direction of Raul Barfga Silva: a. The attempt to arrange a rapprochement between the PCCh and Carlos Ibanez del Campo should be continued. The work of bringing General Ibanez "into the fold" was begun before the electoral period and is,a continuing project, b. The Party will try to have Pablo,Neruda set free without any kind of penalty so that he may return to the Senate for four years, joining the two rbther Communist Senators, Elias Lafertte and Salvador Ocampo. The Oommission of attorneys of the Communist Party, Jorge Jiles and Rene Frias, will report on their plan for defending Neruda in the courts. c. Humberto Abarea will continue his negotiations intended to unite the anti- government parties into a single fighting force. This attempt will be coordinated with the effort to win over Carlos Ibanez del Campo and the defense of the Partyts position in backing the candidacy of Guillermo del Pedre gal. d. The Party plans to use the old machinery of El Siglo to assist any opposi- tion group to put out a paper which will attack the government. Officials of the PCCh predict that the government will try to confiscate this machinery under the Law of Defense of Democracy, but they believe that it can be saved through the influence of political figures who are sympathetic to the Com- munist Party. Deputy Cesar Godoy Urrutia is in charge of the program for the utilization of El Siglo. Approved For Release 1999/09/ PIIA-RDP82-00457R002600300003-1