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November 9, 2016
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January 19, 1999
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April 12, 1949
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.... MV. M1.4A SEPT.1948 L1..1 A TI, 1 }!.1 )TTO Approved For Releas 1999/09/0 ..S1l RDP82-00457R002700090001-6 I N `O AIM AT,_ COUNTRY Chile In SUBJECT Confusion Within the Chilean Communist Party PLACE ACCUIRE[ 25X1A6a DATE Of INFO. This document is hereby r to 1. The reorganization of the eadersh.p of the Communist Party of Chile (PCCh) h'is'been marked by confusion over the political line to be followed then orders to be carried out, At present there is no effective direction of Party affairs. 2. Shortly after the 6 March elections, the Regional Committee of Santiago queried the Secretax at oi` the Party on the form which the defense of `rente Nacjonal,Demo ratico (FND} candidates should take, and on what line the Party, will follow after 21 day. The Regional Committee has been, 'told..y that "something" is being planned for 1 May, but no ad rance instaructio?as.have been given, 3. Thet rovirciia1 organizations also have no effective leadership, and what ins, 6 y receive from Santiago are delayed and contradictory. During the recent electoral campaign, El Pueblo printed the supposed Party line, which then was contradicted by-the Party. In one instance E. .. e state,, that the'ND was w?thdxawd ng its candidates in certain ec ns, d wo l throw ts support to the FRAS candidates. This state- merit was evercon ix'med by the PCCh directorate, and on the day of the election the Qp jm nist voters were sti ,a. acerta .n what action was ex pected of` them, As a result, FRA}?S candidates lost by only a few votes, when they could have won had proper instructions been given. !t. Another e:~ample of lack of coordination between Santiago and the provinces dited by source was the campaign of Marmaduke Grove. Vhen senator Iiai,ero Crnevara was sent by the Party to direct Grovegs cam- aign, he 'ound that the Party had no votes in Copiapo and Coquimbo. When he ,nfornaed 1 adquarters of the situation, he was merely told "to proceed". The Party candidate received only 00 votes, although Guevara had been as- sured in Santiago that there were 3000 votes available in the region if he would work on? the laborers. The regional directors have been extremely disturbed over the situation, and they claim that the orders from Santiago were gbsurd and given in either bad faith or ignorance. Source states that similar instances occurred in,almost every province. CONFIDENTI Ce with the GD NO, QA i E U l 511129 , ~ NO. OF PACES 2 25X1A2g October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. 25X1A2g 25X1A2g No further instructions have been given for the General Congress originally scheduled for April. These congresses are usually held in Q IC were b t 1 d ll in advance If the Con a a a we M Approved For Release 1999/09/09: CIA,RDP82-00457 R002700090001 -6 ys prep ay, u are w re g, - held before 21. May, Carlos Contreras Labarca could attend as a senator, but upon the xpiration of his term on that date, his only chance of at- tending would be as delegate of his commune. 6. The removal of Contreras Labarca from the Political Commission* has not been well..rece1ved in some'circles, but no'cell or local committee has made any formal protest. The cell members hesitate to take a step cen- suring the actions of the directorate, about which they know little, Contreras Labarca was required to make a statement professing his faith in the Party and its leaders, and'this 'statement was mimeographed and eircul.ated thr?ughout the cells. .25X1A2g * cf. Approved For Release 1999