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November 9, 2016
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December 4, 1998
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February 23, 1949
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nn$ .; 25X1 A2g Approved For Rel ip i?Q -00457 ( 1E-.CT Ga:ol he Storage and SUTPly 25X1 A6a in Czechoslovakia aAi OF INFO, 23 Fobrurtry 1949 :ATE DIS s?a T,',AY 1049 NO. OF PAGES 25X1A2g NO, OF ENCLS. (LISTED DEL0160 SUPPLEMENT TO P PORT NO, 1?Ii:.itary storage tanks are located as follows: a. At Novy 'rozeri (I eu xkroson"nu, 053), near Valasske '"ezirici ('3alachlsch .sezerits :h), 1 oravia . This is one of the. lar-p ,t Storage tanks. b. At Durninka (T77), near Trencin,, Slovakia. c. At Pn ljbice (11,79). d. At Kolin (?:38) . Ga;;olina eta .ions have in certain cases been comp13toly taken over by the ni.'.itary authorities?, In these cares the tanks ar filled and are held as opi rational reserves. They are kept guarded. Fo:? the civi:.ian r"arket, 7asolino is distributed i. c:rn ela,,s:,ficetion.,ss a. For passonger vehicles it in colored white. by For V--ncTrs it 3,, colored rod. Ga oline prices vary according to sshether the so:lire is bought officially or on the froe market. Pex its to buy Officially are given to doctors, civil se.,, rants, anF individuals ?,chose mork Is of national ir ortanco' They are able to b restr'_eted amounts of gasoline at 18 cro;rns per liter. Gasoline on the free riarket costa 60 cro*'jns per liter. All v:}hicias must be fitted with equipment for usit1g an altern,ttivo fuel. TI-u' total pmcluotion of the Pabst synthetic gasclia plant now goes to the Soviet Arcs 7 ?.n Eastern Canary. Vary little crude oil cones from Harr, ane the snai-aruncunt iibioh does a ivre is paid- fo:? with sugar and r ehinery. 1$`ArE` ~AVY FtR cI,AS FICAT2 rat N~ _ 1O CHANGE In Class. ? ,. $ 3ECLASSIFIEJ C1a85. CHANGED T01 TS a FDA Us**, 4 Apr 77 Aut2] i ` I ? 77 17re Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00#QaR0 NjjP . a"....., }'a ICIAT. ONLY 1C?ur cN