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December 14, 2016
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December 10, 1998
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May 5, 1949
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FORM NO.S1.4A SEPT.1948 i FORMATION REPORT CQ NO, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY , REPORT NO. CLASSIFICATION COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT Soviet OB Notes: Saxony, Saco Anhalt, Thuringia PLACE ACQUIRE DATE CF Drs den (F29) a, Nordplatz Barracks. Approximately 600 armored troops, with thirty JS-1 and JS-2 tanks, arrived in mid February, More recently, 1,000 1928 recruits arrived at these barracks and were assigned to the tank unit. These troops may go to 1dnigsbrUck shortly. b. Barracks at Kdnigsbrackstrasse and the Marienallee are occupied by MVD and armored troops - combined total 400 men,,. No tanks are in evidence, Vehicles; X 8-65-01 to 42, and some others in the X &-66 and X 8-68 series. Dresden/Ra.debeul (F19) Meissnerstrasse barracks are held by 1,,500 tank troops. whose equipment, ac- cording to a police official* includes sixty JS tanks (type number not given). Some of these troops are soon to go to KdnigsbrUck for training. 'Vehicles. X 8-48-09 to 62, B 3-19-21 to 53, Dresdeen/Uebigau (F19) Engineer troops, equipped with pontoons, left for Thuringia at the end of February. Vehicles: E 1-16 and E 1-18 series, the troops stayed temporarily in the Modlin-Ostpreussen reion o Poland,, entering the Russian Zone of Germany via Stettin. ? r' 3.16-11 to 38. KonigsbrUck: (A31) a.. Barracks opposite the Bahnhof are occupied by approximately 400 riflemen and 800 artillerymen. The latter have been in these barracks since late 1948? arriving after summer maneuvers in the training area. Sheds hold four 122 mm and eight 76,2 mm guns, Some additional (undescribed) guns and ap- roximately 200 recruits joined this unit during mid-February. Vehicles; 3-17-14 to 73, 25X1X6 b. Approximately 800 armored troops, now living in block houses, moved into tI onigsbrUck- SchwepnitzJroad area of the training grounds during February' 25X1X6 25X1 A2g-' PATE DI$TR, 5 MAY 25flA2g NO. OF' PAM 2 7I jTQ 007-3 25X1A2g ~y~ asge barracks were evacuated by a forestry school and Azmored troops who arrived in early larch. 'No tanks, t4M Vi" MOx2 2-42 and S 6-61 series men is now an nrsCl;n its advance party of 300 a I~ rarr, or the s unit went to rin,gia in lade t r der are awaiting s pment. An art f.ery unit is to echule _is occupied b approximately 4500 tank troops 1 the onersch u.e is a bridge building column of vet ctur . mic- r e oru ary. oiZ rschule compound: t34v-- too and C 4-78.01 to 38', (I 4-41-18 some others in the C 4-7115) r troops are billeted in the Dessauerstrasse. fed b'goxiately rua . dONF Fdel"ef 16 000 armored troops, eighty percent of quipment includes 138 JS-1 and JS-2 tanks. 96 deta is are given anent Movement of these troops :n area to Stettin. 1978 frOrri. 19 Iftwenc9 to the. Archivist of the United State Next Review Date: 2006 - 1114th: Approved For, Release 2001/08/02 : CIA-RDP82-a0457R002700240b07-3 culn 1s Hereby to GPL lr to accordance with the