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November 9, 2016
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January 14, 1999
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April 11, 1949
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25X1A2g Approves'! Plk`AW -?uL'*lA-RDP82-00457R00270 CEN`3TRAL INTELLIGENCE AGEN '( REPORT NO. COUNTRY Chilea/Peru w.z CD NO. SUBJECT Activities of APIA Exiles in Chile 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRE R10,101 DATE OF 25X1 X6 DATE DISTR. 12 L Y 1949 25X1A2g Nn nF PA(,'E NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT T REPORT NO.. 1~ Januel Seoane Seoane, APRA exile in Chiles is reported to be the proprietor of a newspaper clipping service installed at Celle Moneda 1429 in Santiago which is used ainost exclusively by APRA refugees and which is not believed to yield and great profit to Seoane 2E, Seoane spen6s most of his time writing for the Santiago magazine Prcillem He was technical director of this publication during a previous period of exile from Peru. 3., Although Seoane is considered to be the highest ranking Aprista now in Chile'. he rarely attends the Apriata meetings which are held daily at headquarters at Calls Amunategul 95. These meetin?s are usually presided over by Roberto tar'tinez 4, The Aprista exiles in Chile have little funds for propaganda parposes4 Martins ; is stated to have reported that his group is preparing to hold a general assembly at which all local Apristas as well as Chilean sympathizers will be present. It is planned to make a detailed exposition of the aims of the APRA refugees and to try to collect sufficient funds from Chilean sympathizers so that a more widespread propaganda campaign can be undertaken against the Ottria government. At present the principal activity of the Apriata group in Santiago is directed against the recently appointed Peruvian Ambassador, Cer1cs Miro Q.uesadaa The group is also agitating for the granting; of a safe conduct Rays do la Torre . A 5X1 6a Cm ont, It is believed that the Moneda 1429 newspaper clipping office of =nue1Seoane Seoane may be used for more clandestine activities than those being conducted by ',prista leaders in the Calle Amunategui 91 offices of the Confederacion Internacional del Trabajo (C,"IT)o The connection between the CIT and the APR& exiles was previously reported i 25X1A2g This document is hereby regraded t letter of 16 October 1978 Director of Central Intelli tjchjvist of the Unit *!, :f Review 1763 se 1999/09/09: CIA-RDP82-Y 05