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November 9, 2016
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January 14, 1999
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April 1, 1949
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CENTRAL 1N U.. r-1,M --.A R I , FORMA COUNTRY Pare. uay es Of the Cozriunis t & II3JEC ' taiv . Q 'ara ;uay (Ci'P ) A. i- 25X1A6a PLACE ACQUIRED ONT,E OF IN 25X1X6 Party of NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTE?) BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. l,, Os car Croydt, e:.3 led director general of the Cors:uanist Party of Paraguay (CPI') now living in Argontlirn, issued the follow' lu instructions to the CPP In a diroctive w ich rata sent to a meeting of prori nent C IT rio ers h-lold in April at :3an Como de s'aranac a. In tho letter, ral .ch was ontitlod "Character of the Cowunist Program," Croydt declared that the CPP Is t ho only Party which until now has not cultivated political relations with neighboring countries, It would be necessary therefore to foxim a union with the Parties of Urugua,yo Argentina and Chile a,r)~I through this union to obtain ins tructlons, aid,, and knowledge of the pro, ram of International Cormimi sri,s He stated that it is now time for the CPP to become thoroughly :intornti onaal in character m Croydt added that in his opinion the present govermaent of Paraguay Is one of trai ,ition4 i-Jl .le affairs were in a c:omparativo state of tranquility the CPP should take advan- tage o- the situation to further its organizational activi- tics $ Ile warned all loaders to be careful In order that Communist infiltration would not be called to the attention c.(* the Par? guayax~ police, causing 1=arty numbers and leaders Ao be thrown into prison a ?ain. sa, A recent edition of the clandestinely printed Cox unist orgax, , .oianto, dated 4 April 1949, attached the l iorican me bers of Is- . a5:fcultural mission in Parag;uaya It stated that the eras full of Yanked spies who were in the country for the purpose Of rl-lauto y cataloguing all the natural riches of Paraguay, tog ether with its human and economic potential "to d.uuter ne In which colonial pocket Para ,uay would be situatedd- i at the side of Puerto Rico or of i11do-Cl,inaa" The pubs! ica- t _'_o n also denounced the rii:Li tart' conspiracy lBeadeCl by exiled ia.~a~ u?yan military loaders, which it stated was supported by i oruh. American Imper'ialisraa STATE A~tAY ' NAVY AIR CLASSIFICAT ION - ---------------------------------------- This docume nt is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of t'-6 n_._.. vi o fro Director of Central I?+..:,:_._ Next atApj9Mved For R C Dt L99HI~.IWAL 25X1A2g RATE DISTR. 13 MAY 1949 NO. OF PAGES 25X1A2g "~Jocwnent ' NOC )d*vjrA lease 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82p, o\,,+''~s Approved For Release 1999/09/09: CIA-RDP82-00457R002700370006-0 25X1A2g 3 The Coxzr;re s cal Parat;,;uayau Co r z:mi ts, vv1aich has boon postponed sovera1 tii os, is not boon discussed recently. in source Ib opinion the CPP ,etil`? .s.cics the aecos-ary funds to I-Iold- the Cor.~s'ss ? . AUGU-sto Canot;cr, ;` )crcr vary General o the Cy'!' has re1:7LL neL a n Asuncion but s ou :-t o x eportoc1 that he has dis uised 1:1rnsel$ by darkening his com,,i? oxion. Ile is still living at the f?(:ui nta Dario" Y' which %s omod. by Res ervo Array Captain Cesar Ls cobar, a I ebrarLs ins. and a C riend of Cane to of loin; s ;aizc11x Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002700370006-0