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November 9, 2016
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December 7, 1998
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March 24, 1949
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CLASe I:ACMION 61' Approved For R&&W#49916i/O ~ iii--~Zl '00-V6457R0027IID b A99 U y 11AT O REPORT . CD NO. COUNTRY Indonesia ~swr+LTTT I nr SUBJECT The Problem of the Restoration of Law and Order NO. OF PAGES 2 PLACE ACQUIRED D) WE OF INFO. 2t March 1949 OA a E DISTR.20 M 1849 SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1A2g The Republican Government will be able to restore peace and order to the areas recently occupied by the Dutch should these areas be returned to Republican control, However, the Republic must first be furnished with the necessary materials or must be given assurance bast these materials will be forthcoming, This is a reasonable request since at t.ue present time the Dutch have taken absoulutely everythi -, from typewriters to locomotives, obviously with the intention of making it impossible for the Republic to function in the event that the Republican Government is again restored to power., Their intention cannot be otherwise, 2. The safest method for the Republic would be to obtain these materials directly from abroad since, in thkt case, the Republic would not depend on the Dutch, who would certainly betray the Repuolic as they have done before, 3, The restoration of the Republic is the only way at present by which an end can be put to the trouble and insecurity which has been prevalent throughout the interior of Java and Sumatra since the second Dutch, militar.;r action. Actually, security and order and peace exist only in the four large cities of Batavia, Bandung, emarang and, vurabaja. In other places such as Jbgjakarta, Purwokerto, Bandjarnegara, Priangan, Tjirebon, Banten, Sukabumi, Surakarta, and Pekalongan, conditions are insecuro. Sabotage to enterprises, railroads, and public works are common occurrences. Everyt;iing points to an increase in these public disturbances; the increase is in ratio to trig desperately cruel way in which the Dutch react to them, 4, The Dutch Government will be able to maintain itself only if it has an armed force large. enough to maintain approximately 20 even in each de - in Java, This would amount to a total armed strength of 480,000 men in Java alone, not including the necessary police force. CLASS5FICAT1ON Next Review rtst7TKUN Archivist of the Director of Centr lottrr of 16 Octo CONFIDENTIAL in ac NO. OF ENCLS. (LLS; ED BELOW) regraded to rdance with the 1978 from the Intelligence to the, nited States. Upprnyd Fir Release 1999/09/09 k CIA-RDP82-00457R002700600010-9 /GONTR , v 11..6. OFF1GULD : 25X1A2g Approved For Releas ? _ I d 82-00457ROO2700600010-9 5EC m N %1 .1~:i ONLY 25X1A2g L dT 1 ?~ Ii Tx', ~ J,' -ENCE AG n Another method which could be used by the dutch Government to maintain itself in Java would be to surround every desa and each enterprise or vital industrT with barbed awe., This would require 2,000,000 trwjck- loads of barbed tire mate.ri 1, for Java alone. The Dutch are naking believe they are fighting against B"terrorist&"J, while actually they are fighting against the entire population; other- wise, how can one explain the fact that not less than 15 hectares of rice mere cut down in West Ketanggungan? Elsewhere, in Furcvokerto, three locomotives, coupled together, rode out of the roundhouse in an eastern direct:'. -on'. without a machinist, fireman, etc., aboard. These are two of the hundreds of cases of sabotage that occur daily, Many Df the eat;; tes have to close, and the number of these este.-~es which are f:rced to cease operations is cert-,in to increase daily, Approved For Release 1999/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002700600010-9