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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1999
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March 1, 1949
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25XYAiltized - Ap$EATA Arniffrag :A8MCADP82-064KWON71111 CLASSIFICATION riiiceiax-P- MrettleiMellirlitererterim CD No, COUNTRY Bolivia :trEFiliNo DATE DISTR. 27 MAY 1949 SUBJECT Secret Trotskyite Activities NO. OF PAGES 2 25X1A2I PLACE 2 XAa ACQUIRED DATE OF IN 25X1X6 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. Source has obtained a letter written in connection with Trotskyite organiza- tional activities in South America. The writer addresses himself to the "Sub Buro Latino Americana, with a copy to the International Secretariat (sr)", and concludes Ton saludos revolucionarios. Grupo 'Cuarta Internacional (MI). Posadas, Secretario General. Buenos Aires." The letter is dated I March 1949. It has not been possible to ascertain how the envelope which coniained this letter was addressed or where the letter was intercepted. 2. The letter upbraids the Latin Anarican Sub-bureau for accusing a militant named Ortiz of misuse of the movement's funds, and accuses the slibbureau of arrogation of authority. According to the writer, the Sub-bureau had no authority to assess party-organisms in Latin America the stan of 02,500 monthly to maintain a two-man Sub-bureau staff, consisting of one Robles in Peru and one Silva in Chile. The .Sub-bureau's only function is stated to be the production of publications, a review and a Latin American bulletin; and preparations for a Latin American Congress. 90 Reference is made in the letter to "the recent Latin American meeting" and to the It World Congress.* It pas the expenses of Ortiz' trip to this congress which occasioned the accusations brought up in the letter. 40 Ortiz, apparently a member of the evolutionary Workers League (LOR) of Uruguay, attended the World Congress, where he took an active part and was elected to the International Executive Committee (CEI or IEC), despite the opposition of Moreno of the Argentine Grupo Ohrero flarxista (Gal). Ortiz' candidacy was supported by Gabriel, stated to be Secretary General of the International. 5. Moreno, for his part, voted for Lfunia to be a member of the Conision de Poderes. He also supported Shachtman who wished to consolidate with the Socialist Workers Party. Together with jock Heston, secretary General of the British party, and British member of the IS, he supported the Go- policy at the World Congress. On his return from theCongress, Ortiz made a trip around Latin America, on a mission from the SI, to organize the movement in Latin America. 6. Posadas claims that there are only three groups in Argentina affiliated with the Trotskyite movements the Union Obrero nevolucionaria (UOR), the GUI, and the 4g#1,1414614,146 A.Aerlrrrmrew CLASSIFICATION MANWRIB., MCINI 1 Fel curneJnt is hereby regraded to CCi-IFE AL in accordance with the letter of 1 'ober 1978 from the Director of Centr IligenCe to the Archivist of the Unite es. Next Reviesayfiteigek App Do No cHA G LASSIFI C9AVE ly For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R00 ' 1 '6 MAY-1978 001-2 440.11M,Jr. Sanitized - Approved CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY -2- 82-00457R002700670001-2 OCI. The so-called Bandera Roja (Zona Sur) which split off from the GON0 has dissolved, he says. The duty of the sub4mreau in Argentina is to coordinate the activities of the three groups in that country, which, taken together, completely express the three tendencies of the Trotskyite movement in Latin America, Pomades says. 7. The accusers of Ortiz are listed ass Merano WOW Game (ER) Salerno Silva Robles Natta Argentina Argentina Brazil Chile Peru Bolivia 8. These individuals are stated to be adversaries of the WI and of the Latin Ameriean policy of the International, being opponents of the Single Latin American State, and of the national movements, and their taske. All voted against the World Congress' political resolution on Latin America, Posadas says. 25X1A6a From statenente nade in the letter it appeais that the chain of command rens from the World Congress to the CET, to the SI, to the Sub-bureau for Latin America., Robles of Peru and Ortiz apparently of Uruguay, are stated to be members of the CBI. The position Ctf the organiser in Bolivia, Matta, has not yet been. established. Hie travels and secret organizational activities in Bolivia have been previously reported.** IIIIIIIIRQswaaat,. The first World Congress was held in 1938, and the second congress was held in Paris in April 1914. 25X1A2g .5.BCRET-- Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP82-00457R002700670001-2