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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1999
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May 3, 1949
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25X1A9a Re ease 1109 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00270 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPOR'T' NO. y ,iIii!TRY Chit U JECT Coraux?-ist-Dorti.nated Teat o Experimental ww ACE 25X1A6a ACQUIRED DA71 E OF INI= SUPPLEMENT TO 25X1 X6 REPORT NO. FORMATION REPORT 25X1A2g The Coraunist Party of Chile (PCCh) is placing special emphasis on the penes tr ation of intellectual circles, and considers the influence of such men as Coa nnist, poet Pablo 1 erud?a of vital importance One of the major intellectual pups in uh.ich Communist influence is dominant _ the Tea-bro l xperirentai of the University of Chile n This theater is a cultural organization started by a Croup of people interested in the drama. They formed an organization and elected a directive council. This council consists of the following personas ubatitute Directors Augustin `tree Cor nisi sympathizer Counselor; Pedro Orthue, political affiliation Inxo rn Treasurer and Administrators Domingo Piga, Connunist IerrIbers: Ruben 0otoconil, Conmu^bist Graciela Alvarez, GoL unist,, wife of rotoconil Ruben ?>,ngulo, Communist Jorge billo9 Commnunist sympathizer Oscar Navarro, Communist sympathizer The council's responsibilities fall in three principal categories: propaganda, training, and finance. rcap,rp The plays are chosen to present certain social problems in a mer favorable to the Party,, This dita for spreading propaganda in im- p ortent to the Party since it reaches a stratum of society which it could not approach by other mans., It is considered that dramatic presentations permit freedom to express ideas which could not be voiced through other channels It also hopes to reach young people who could not be reached in regular political campaigns,, The theater is being assisted at the present by persons of c alth, education, and social standing, including the ?-sinister of Foreign Affairs, German Rieseo0 Tx The Teatro Experimental maintains a school of actors,, decorators and other theatrical off is ials .a The school operates in the University of Chile and is used by the PCCh to train young people who later go to the provinces to CLA SIFICATION bnDT WSRU FBI I 1 Iy I I Dooumq This document is hereby r d to CONFIDENTIAL in acc ce with the letter of 16 oc 1907?3 from the Director of al Intelligence to the ArchivLsAO0 the VrWed at s. a I- or elease 19 ?e o Date Date: 16 MAY DATE DISTR. Pei M Ay 1949 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) Auth: )? )1 99/09/09 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002700 Approved For Release l9 9-:! C1A! RDP82-00457R002700690005-6 25X1A2g CET` MM III`! 3j ,~ZC IIC -AGE CY Cu "r.ros Artisticos", art groups maintained by t1 'm ?unist P -rty in of the industrial and mining centers. The school functions under the :, ;-e pic os of the University and is r aintained by subsidies from the Teatro +r .ntal~ the UTnitra:rc ity, and the Ministry of Education., The : istry e7+.. t iorx authorizes Scholarships to pupils from the provinces, who a :i s? uus h:r 1< he Cam fan' st.=domir ted council of the I eater. ., The theater is financed principally by its box office roceipte, ho,a Ya it receives some assistance from the University and the Ministry dmission is from 20 to 100 pesos, and in 19/8, box office eip 'thro numof.nmted to one million pesos., hose .funds are many d by ir3.m.i is , Domfngo Piga, a Cor')nrtruist,, nothing of last reacts one million pesos a i. s in the treasury at present, and the activities of the theater a-re ?X'" carried on with 8050OO pesos received from the Mnistry of Education. fr.nds appear to have been spent in salaries to `;h? artists, he majority tx. r are U;r, i_sts, and to some. extent for decorations, rent is of far- end roperties,, Source reported in addition that the Teatro E erl ~ < w. s a hea Contributor to the funds for the Corgis t...,front Frente 11acional =:t er d.i~;ca and the Committee of Solidarity. The r Fambe: of t} e council. salaries from the Teatro E erinantal and are thereby enabled to mth their entire ti exclusively to the Communist Par?,y. The Party benefits zsj,ns these paid workers in various; other branches of the Party while their Lee are paid by the theater. 'i'eatm lk rimantal is nom touring the pro rirgces, It has been in, Concepcion ly. w h e r e it enjoyed mat ssuccesin In addition to present: ng its plays, '9 "r 49~ r t of the theater assisted the Communist Party by carrnring propaganda c .al and ctiff; se couriers to the r^eriar 1 directors of the Part in a%'9 ce "i ' on o mm~ rl()Nl W&NITIAL Approved or : CIA-RDP82-00457R002700690005-6