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November 9, 2016
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February 18, 1999
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April 1, 1949
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"1 4.)LAS:31FICATION CONFIDENTIAL 25X1A2g Approved For ReleastMe/RT:raill9Fc12-AS4.00027009159801. NO, iirlFORMATION REPORT CD NO, C WitIrr3LIrrnrr- ')ONTRY Colombia DATE DISTR. 23 MAY. 1949 aalrea PCO Supnort of "Peace" Conrresses NO. OF PAGES 2 :s ACE 25X1A6a ..-taARED E. OF. IN 25X1A6a NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1A2g The Conmenists in Colonbia, strongly in favor of the Peace and Democracy congreeses which are being held fron time to time, are urging the creation of such a novenent or orpanization in aolombia. The Partido aomunista de aolombia (PCC) recently issued a directive to its.mesbers which contains the following points: At the tine of the V National Communist Congreas in July 1947, the Party believe' that although world inperialisn was not in a position to begin a new world war inneaietely, it was ereparing for military aggression against the democratic peoples at a future date. Now, however, the situati n has radically changed and the danger of a war is so great that it can be con- sidered inninent. This is the result of the atlantic Pact, which is the culmination of Yankee imperialist efforts to organize an aggressive military alliance against the Soviet Unio-. The Yankee imperialists have become more ane more desperate as the effects of the aperoaching economic crisis become felt in the United States and other capitalist countries, while they see the successes achieved in the Soviet "Inion and the other people's denocraciee0 a rhe imperialists are making military as well as political preparations for :ear, and hav- established army, navy and air bases in all the capitalistic countries. The political preparations include the indictment against the twelve leaders of the Communist Party in the United atates, trials against French Compunist leaders, the anti-Communist declaration or the Bogota Conference, arid the outlawing of the Communist Parties in Chile, 71razil, and Peru. With the siening of the atlantic Pact, war nay begin at any moment. The govern- ments of Latin America, through the signing of the pacts of Rio de Janeiro and Botote, are obliasa to aid the Yankees. In Colombia there is a U. S. military mission which has imposed standardization of errs and oven uniforms; the Unite.' States holds military bases throughout the country and is building secret air bases; on the pretext of studying the Atrato Canal nroject, preparations are being made for U. S. military occupation of the Department of the Choco; and Cartagena has been visited by five thousand Yankee sailors as a prelude to what will cone in the future.. Despite all these preparations by the imperialists, war can be averted if the Communists are able to nobilize those who wish peace. The question of fighting for peace ,must occupy the most prominent place in the Communist program, which must be carried to the masses. Tae fight for peace must be closely linked with CLASSIFICATJON Csaaami-Ralatatir- i STATE \