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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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June 7, 1949
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25X1A ed For ReleaS 2tk(f585%1'~4'~f~82-0041~i'i2~ COUNTRY Colombia Ti REPORT fr) NO. SUBJECT Pre-Election Political .4 vi ties Af._ 25X1A PLACE AC' U?RED 25X1A DATE 0 INFO. 25X1X DIaTE DISTR. "I JUN, -;.949 NO. OF PACES 2 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. .1. Uith loss than one month to co to the congressional elections in Colo,:i:,i the two main. politic.->l sties, the conservatives and Liberals, were, intenci- fC .nr; their activities, with both sites confi-3ent of obtaining; a majority of enresentativeso Although there are no oca s in the :3ational.:Ious o of 11 statistics; ivailabla on which to base an aeeuraate forecast of the June elections, a Liberal Party plebiscite hole, through the country on 24 April indicated that the leftist Liberal groups had obtained control of the lar[or cities, but at that time no returns had been received from the smaller towns. However, in early May it was reported that the two parties were equally balanced, and for that reason have intensified their activities in order to gain the few doubtful posts that wo,tld give then: the majority and control of the lower house. 2, The Conservative Party is apparently fairly unified in spite of the opposition of some of its no-7bers to President 1ariano Ospina Perez' policy of a "national union" government, The Del rtrsental Co: m_ittee of Cundinar,.arca Is in. complete disagreement with this policy and in March called upon the Conservative ministers to rooign from the Cabinet in opposition to the program being followed by the rational Conservative Directorate, Later both the Co -tservrative and Liberal members of the Cabinet resigned.. This crisis was caused by the desire of Conservative groups to -nnove Dario Echandia, Liberal Atisiister of ' Go raaa?rht,, from his post as rreU as Edo,ardo Estate Arzgol., Conservative Minister of Foreign Affairs, who has supported Echandia0 President Osnina Perez promptly refilled his Cabinet and, although the Conservatives have a majority, his actions were commended by the Liberal press as an endeavor to maintain "union national" 3, The Departmental Ct ittee of Cundinanarca for some time opposed the r:iilitany plans forriulated by Colonel I a-nuel Agudelo for use by the Conservative Party in case of an emergency. However, in March they made preliminary contacts with :iuads to stating they are anxious to put his plan of operation into effect. tigudelo has been reluctant to cooperate with the Departmental Com itteo inasmuch as his military mars are being considered by the Irational Directorate 4. In an effort to unify their party, the Liberal Directorate issued an appeal in March to all dissident groups, particularly the "comando" groups which had been founded by Jorge Ur:t itii? s - and which latex- refused to accede to the UU NTIAL CLASSIFICATION ESTATE ; ~ NAVY , l _ va11e~ ~c is nereby regraded tc CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the l tt e er of 16 October 1c78 from the Director of Central Intelligence to tie v HLtU Stat S Next RA pp eg~FBOr IeIease 000/05/18 : CIA-RDF T`b0457 D' iGONFIDENTIAL o,For Release 20 _ DP82-00457R00280~,W4-5 ?a ctcrcate wh-an Uri' : k .rt xez was n