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November 16, 2016
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April 14, 2000
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June 3, 1949
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t;3AbZPi11 1UAIIUUk Uo_a?1'1t(1.8 - UI S. UiTICIAi 3 Ltr CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGEN T NO. Approved For Release 2000/05/18: CIA-RD 82- 4 7R0028002 0~7-2 CDI.;NTR Indonesia INFORNATION REPORT CD NO, LCON Fl DENTIAL `UBJECT Dissatisfaction with the Government Indonesia PLACE 25X1A -CQIJIRIw 25X1A FATE OF INFO. 25X1X DATE DISTR. 3 TUNS 949 NO. OF PAGES 1 NO. OF ENCLS. :LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 1. Some quarters in East Indonesia do not area with the government policy of President Sukawati and Premier Anak A sung Gde Agung, 2. The Coredesie Rechtspositie Awboneezen (Commission on Legal Status of a. mbo .e e ) recently sent cablegr to the Crown High Co"saioner and to the First and Second Chambers of the States General in the Netherlands stressing its desire to become separated from the State of East Indonesia. The CorwIssion wishes Amboina to become the State of Southern Moluccas with the right to send its own delegation to the Rourod. Table Conference in The Hague. 3. The Comma andant of the garrison at Ambon, , Major Polhaupessy and Major .d.war-ta, U-.D. who is senior health officer are behind this movement. They are supported by Ch. L. Vermandel,, Eurasian Chief of Police and by M.A. Pelupsssy, "kepela zzegara (chief of state) of Anmboina. 4. J. Amaloas opposition to the enlisting of East Indonesians in the Royal Neth- erlands Indonesian Armmj has been supported by the progressive faction. This includes Dr. S. Binol, M.TL Luffi, H.Andi Sa ng, A. 1airisal3 Moha3imed AIih and Bausat, all of whom are followers of Arnold Mononutue, 11on Hutu is influenced by Sartono, the delegate to East Indonesia from the Republic of Indonesia. graded to document is hereby with the tin accordance Chis T1AL ccordance,Tom the 4Dt=N lOTh 6 October to the OONF ce of 1 GentraI Intelligen letter pirector oof the United States. Archivist Date: 2008 Next Review CONFIDENTIAL CLASSIFICATION CONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY ~- taaw tus~a I DiSTRIBUTiON Document N NO CHANGE Q? 'D:CL ^ Class. Auth: i : A Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00J8q024000~! a e: