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December 14, 2016
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March 30, 2001
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June 14, 1949
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t.;(..Abblr IL.114 11111010r CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. Approved For Release 2003/08/11: CIA-RDP81-00457R0028005000 INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. CONFIDENTIAL -41111110E- Relohsbahn Operational Report 25X1 OWED 10 (111? 18:11/411114? 1 COUNTRY Germany (Russian Zone) SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF INFO. for Larch 1949 ,25X1 25X1 5X1 DATE DISTR. It JUN m NO. OF Meta 6 NCLOFENCU1 (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 49 25X1 e. Win -norm mum Irma too minas or Tot somata* ACT So ir.o.C.S1 AID U. as auosoar. iTs Toansotroloo Os TON OlOrMA11011 OP ITS COITTNIMP iS APT IIIIINMEO TO AS OLASISCRIZIL POMO isPAO- slorrro or LAW.4OU,Orocrion or TWO POTOI IS POOVIOnTO. ';'..TrihroroarlIrona, 25X1 THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION a. All Reichsbahndirektionen reported an improvement in the car situation for the month of March 1949; nevertheless the number of freight cars available was still below requirements. The 1181) Berlin complained of difficulties encountered at various periods an the transfer of goods from RR cars to ships, paqiy 0 to the fact that shipping space available -as inadequate. This was perticularly true in regard to potash shipments, of many had to be redirected ?ReicJiasbehndiar:*tion Magdqbur,g. 2. Dorutra shipments during March 19494 for which no figures are given, consisted of mine fielder, 3umber, prefabricated wooden houses, scrap iron, machine parts, fittings, measuring instruments, seed goods, sugar, spirits, pumps, iron containers, flac7easpar, kainite, raper goods, pipes, soda, and cement. 3. Goods exnorted during March 1948, for which no figures are giyeav Poland Hungary Czechoslovakia Fweden 4. Goods imported orian Poland eaaaaa aa-aaaa Commoclita Lumber, mine timber, acrep iron, fertiliacr Mine timber. Mine timber, lumber, cereal iron, fertilizer, magnesium chloride Magnesium chloride during March 1948: qommodita. Herd coal and coke, brass scrap ,aeel L.41&,o CLASSIFICATION DE TIAL STATE # NAVY NSRO DISTRIBUTION ARMY 4 AIR i. Fet As 01 This document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next ReviewDate:-.29D9 Approved i-or Kerease 2003/08/1 NO CHANGE in DECLASS Class. Cil DDA DD 1: CIA-RdWit21:1d0 Date: Approved For Rele CONFIDENTIAL CIA-RDP82-00457R002800500010-9 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 2 ? _Iichs?bP.Iindirekti2D,20.ttl 5., Goods imported during March 1949: Denmark Switzerland Czechoslovakia Hungary 25X1 No, of Cars Copmodity 13 Glassware 1 Glassware 130 Silicate (Glassand) 6 Floor boards 54 Lignite tar 7 Lumber 2 Mine timber 7 Cellulose 6. Goods exported during March 1949: P9stirJai,911 N0e_9.faqr.A. commodity Poland Russia 147 Line timber 12 Scrap iron 13 Boards 66 RR ties 3,820 Coal 42 Prefabricated wooden houses Reichsbehndirektion Erfurt 7. Since, during March, the load capacity of trains was increased by about 20%, it became possible to release 17 engines; nevertheless, It was necessary to operate 105 activist trains during March. , 8. March notash export and reparations shipments of 14,277. cars, weighing 246,191 tans, were below plan figures. This was partly due to a shortage of shinning space which made it necessary to park the trains alonr stations or to redirect them to another te'rminal. Shipments of serer iron averaged 33 cars a day; of these two thirds were destined for export, while one third went to the EnterweJlenborn mill. 0. During March 1949, bearers of interzonal passes were issued tcRets to the western zones. lieJAWsQb14.i/7e141e91,1_443-1,Pa 10. The RDD Halle was asked by the SMA to increase shipments of scrap Iron and cerlent so that by the end of March, dement shipments were 33.6% above plan figures. Shipments of scrap iron to Unterwellenborn had, however, to be cut drastically, since the Maximilianshiltte was unable to take care of all shipments. The RBD Halle was also ordered to step up shipments of metal, with the result that ship- ments reached 247.7% of plan. 11. Goods exported PeZtInDtlan U.S.S.P. during March 1949: Y9. 0feggera 697 55 5- a67- .328 4,f)2 Commodity Military transports Gasoline Snirits Construction materials Lumber Chemicals Metals Approved For ReleRkpplenallArDP82-00457R0028005000 Approved For ReleWNHOENTIALDP82-00457R002800500010-9 25X1 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 3 Destinstion , ___..,.....,..., ...._ No. 01 Cars Commodity Poland 1 Military transport 756 Fuel 8 Spirits 39 Lumber 65 Chemicals 261 Scrap iron 1 Metals 60 Machines and miscellaneous goods Czechoslpvakia 275 Gasoline 14 Lumber 51 Chemicals 243 Scree) iron 105 Miscellaneous goods Hungary 32 Lumber 10 Chemicals Rumania 12 Chemicals Yogoslavia 13 Chemicals 3 Miscellaneous goods Bulgaria 2 Miscellaneous goods Austria 7 Chemicals 10 Metals 1 Miscellaneous goods Switzerland 1 Construction materials Ti Metals 3 riscellaneous goods Belgium 1 Miscellaneous goods Sweden 6 Chemicals 6 1,iscellaneous goods Benmar!.. 4 Liscellaneous goods In addition, the following goods were exported via Stettin to various unspecified countries PPPM.9.0ItY .179?LoSLCays Commodity N0e91:PAr.P. Coal 918 Fertilizer 4 Gasoline 4 Cement 363 Lumber 82 - Chemicals 131 Scrap iron 33 Miscellaneous goods 135 12. During March, 15 new long-distance RR passenger cars were completed by the SAG vorm. Lindner, Ammendorf; the cars are scheduled to proceed in the near future to Brest-Litovsk, -Additional RR cars are under construction. ,ReichsbablviirOctI9A.GrctifswaN 13, During March 1949, occunation traffic to Russia consisted of 3,433 cars and involved the shipment of vehicles, fibre rood, Fr. ties, timber and lumber, prefabricated wooden houses, requisitioned material, hay, strar, reparations goods, iron constructions, and miscellaneous goods,. 14. Derutra shipments to Stettin via Scheune consisted of 6,002 carsv weight 104,000 tons, and Included mir.e timber, machine parts, Paral- dehyde, paraffin, cement, 1-:ricipettes, potash, gasoline, tar oil, screo iron, automobiles, straw, food, lumber and timber. 15. Occupation traffic within the zone amounted to 1,60 cars. diessaimr Approved For Release 2003/0,461NFIA7RIDP82-00457R002800500010-9 IDENTIAL Approved For Release 200OGNIF T4412457R002800500010-9 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY 4 , Goods exported during Larch 1949: 25X1 PeP,EA-0-011 Na. of Cars Commodltal Belgium 32 Timber Denmark 35 Mine timber and lumber Poland 243 Mine timber and lumber, scrap iron, cattle feed, equipment, Rh ties Switzerland 167 Timber Czechoslovakia 59 Scrap iron, timber Sweden 104 Chemicals, yarns, glass and glassware, machinery and misc. 17. Goods imported during March 1949: Poland 42 ' Pig iron, hard coal Czechoslovakia 15 Coke Sweden 20 Sheet-iron and shaped iron, Ilsh, saw-dust, food, ond miscellaneous goods peishebehndi.rpktiop_Schwerill 18, During March 1949, three trains with railroad ties and two trains with prefabricated wooden houses proceeded to Bussia. 19. Reparations shipments during Transshipment Point No.of_Cars ,......b,e C:i.,V.`?,,P.A mw L unw auVva 21.A+-? March 1949: Commodity_ No..,of Carla qmiliMakti Rostock 3,853 Briquettes 615 sugar 719 Cement 264 Yachines 142 Chemicals 230 Cables 73 Wall elates 76 Bicycles 36 Kitchen' utensils 34 Cranes 32 Seeds 27 Corundum 19 Boards 22 Textiles 15 Paints 15 Typewriter' 105 goods Wismar 3,215 Potash 659 Lumber 641 Cement 574 Sugar 162 Glauber salt 355 leisc goode Warnemtnde 458 290 Sugar Briquettes , i86 133 Glauber sa), Cement 89 Machines 45 Bicycles -)0 e, Seeds 11 Textiles 14 Paints 22 Coal 66 Misc. goods 20. Goods shipped by boat during March 1949: PfTqaatJ-04 No. of Ships Commodttx Russia a. via Rostock 6 Miscellaneous goods Cement L. via Wismar c. 1,vernemUnde a Sugar A Miscellaneous goods Cnment Glauber salt Sugar Iliscellaneous goods frenriarA F003108/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R00280050 L MOW- Approved For ReleCOMENTRDP82-00457R002800500010-9 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Destinagon Scandinavian countries No. of Ships? a. via Postock 138 b. via Wismar 35 Co via rarnemUnde 21 Denmark a. via Tismar England & Denmark via Tismar England via Warnemtinde 2 5X1 Commodity Briquettes Potash Briquettes Plaster Lumber Mine timber 21. During March 1949, to railway cars: Transshipment Point Rostock Harbor Wismar Warnemfinde Schwerin )3olzenburg Waren/NUritz Tittenberge the follwring goods Weight in Tons Commodities 1;ere transferred from shins ight in Tons Commodities, 11,133 Grain 97,405 Sunerphosphate 50 Paper ' ? 2,000 Ore 250 Naphthalene 25 Misc. gcods 2750 Herring T.00 Paner 95 Forage 45 Matches 35 Misc. goods 3,506 Ballast 131 Soap 1,900 Coal 440 Stones /9,231 1,860 80 70 66 6,586 3,200 2,20o 290 196 50 35 429 0.70 5,720 45 30 Pyrites Copper Cod liver oil Rascrite Rubber Machines Grain 'Iron Pyrites Cellulose Cement Matches Stones Coal Stones Briquettes 'Ballast Cement Soap 22. Goods imported during Mar or:LOP )179_4_9,f_gggs Poland 359 Denmark 69 13 eh 1949: .q9MM20.AtY Hard coal 'Fish Apple pulp 8 Salted fish 1 Bags Canned food No f Cars 23. Goods exported during March 1949 to Denmark: No. of Cars coalgstlflr 24 Inwards 9 Cheeee 2 Wool 1 Medicines 1 Household goods Commodi:ties No. of cpr,s. Timber Paper Textile materials Household goods Machines Mail 22 JO 2 14 Cardboar or Keiecti 03/08/11 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002800500010-9 FIDENTIAL Commodities Yarns Glassware Earthenware goods Misc. goods' Chemicals Automobiles Approved For Release -RDP82-00457R002800500010-9 CONFIDENTIAL ismear CENTRAL INTELLIGENCL AGENCY - 6 - 24, During March, one special train with Polish resettlers left Guestrow fez* Stettin. 25X1 1,1e1,0F,IWIDTreXgo,D_Pren. The RBD Dresden mentions lively traffic to and from foreign countries; however, no details are given. Mention Is only made of 107 cars of barley from. Russia and 70 cars of yrites from Sreden. 26 in the minfng area, great difficulties were encountered in ur- loading cars, destined for the nsmut AG, because of an inade- quate number of sidings. Loathng and unloading fecilities were a]so inadequate in the Oberschlemal johanngeergenstadt and Breitenbrunn area. 27. Receipts from passenger traffic for the month of March were about 22% above those of the previous month, but pproximately 25% below those for March 1948. Ti,PAPhOPJY10,1rktlegil_T'e. rl in 28. Shipments to Russia and Polend during a. vie Klistrin-Kietz Ordinary traffic via Frankfurt/Oder Ordinary traffic (Jccupation traffic Imports from Russia March 1049:* 24 cars, weight 371 tons 6.30 2,687 cars, cars, weight 83,160 tons 'eight 3,244 tons and Doland during Larch 1949: a. via KtIstrin-Kletz Ordinary traffic b. via FranLfurt/Oder Ordinary traffic Occupation traffic 35 cars, 2,267 1.774 care, cars, weight 381 tons weight 41,166 tons weight 311932 tons 29. During March 1949, 3,789 cars were dispatched by the RBD Berlin -fer the occupaticn forces, while incoming occupation traffic amounted to 8.948 cars. 3t71 Due to curtailed service along the lines Frenhfurt/Oder and YtstrIn-Yietz, all trains were evrcrowjed and many passengers- were riding on the outside of coache, clinging to hand rails and , buffers.. S-Bahn traffic, during week-fays, was 10 - 30% rind during weekends W rC% above prescribed canacity. Traffic in the Stettiner station was esnecially heavy, so that it became necessary to restrict the number of passengers. 32 The demand for tickets to Stralsund via Greifswald and Neubranden- burg is so heavy that additional trains must be operated along these stretches. Comment. The EBD is not rermitted to keep records of oast- and westbound occupation traffic through Etstrin-Kletz. ApprceOnfl9E*1-2tAtO8/144WDP82-00457R002800500010-9