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November 16, 2016
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February 10, 2000
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June 21, 1949
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COUNTRY ; ... 1QNFIDENTIAL DATE DISTR. 22 Chile in, 49 SUBJECT PLACE ACQUIRED Communist-sponsored Movement Directed Against the Government NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) 2 25X1A DATE OF IN SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X 1, The Directorate of the Communist Party of Chile (h h) is studying methods for organizing a clandestine movement the purpose of which will be "to save the country". This particular movement will be entirely secret in nature and will involve no meetings in public places and no gatherings. 1, An attempt will be made to rally all political elements which are discon- tented with the present regime, and members for the movement will be re- cruited from non-Communist groups, including ex Nazis and ultra-conservative elements,, as well as among the Communists. 3.a The platform of this movement will emphasize difficulties in the current i3ituation in Chile: OiSTRIBilTtON ._ ..?._..._.,..._..1 -`1._ ~~..~.~. ..~,...~.~ -_.. ARMY AIR -f FBt CLASSIFICATION 25X1 A Approved For R 6RtM*I2UO 51GMCCM4WP82-0045 BOO INFORMATION .REPORT CD NO. A' a, The political situation is chaotic, with underground warfare existing Within the Radical Party, which is becoming tired of its alliance with the Liberals. All Chilean political parties are divided and are having internal struggles, which, according to the Communists, were provoked by Gabriel Gonzalez Videla in his effort to strengthen the position of his own follo-tvera. i h? The economic situation is growing worse each day. The Communists will stress the paralysis of the factories, the lack of exchange, and the government's fiscal policy, which is designed exclusively to balance the budget and which gives no consideration to the interests of the people. c. The international policy of Gonzalez Videla was formed on the, expecta- tion that war would break out between the USSR and the Wes tern Powers? The Communists point out that war will not come, and that the triumph of the "democratic" front in China is creating a new atmosphere in the world, wi h will cause a complete change in world policy. One of the aims of the propaganda campaign of the now movement will be to present Gonzalez Videla to the whole world as a nia:i dictator,, An effort will be made to show what repression exists in Chile, and to point out that the policies of the president are directed against the working classes and In favor of American imperialism. Ap CONFIDENTIAL In accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the This document Is hereby regraded to Next Review pate: 2008 rteeg0/05/1 I & ONFIDENTIA-C Deaum N. C+ *Mil Class. P 1 ~ J~-T Approved For Release 2000/05/ - DP82-0045f rF~C2~Sv CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGF,IJCY 006-6 25X1A 5o PCCh machinery will be utilized-in spreading this propaganda, and Party militants will be charged with carrying out an antense campaign of "mural propaganda", of distributing fliers, of sending letters, printing poems, and proclamations which will all contain the new propaganda. It is hoped that the government will be forced to relax its restrictions of Communist activities, and at the same time that the masses will be moved to action which may lead to full political liberty for Chile,, 6. In the supreme command of this movement will be the following: Carlos Vicuna Fuente, attorney and Vice-.President of the Frente Nacional Democratico '(FND); Santiago 11?ilson, Vice-President of the FND and Director of the Partido Democratico del Pueblo; Armando Rodriguez Ca, Secretary General of the FND and a recently defeated candidate for deputy; Santiago Labarca, President of the Communist-front organization Comite de Solidaridad; and Jorge Giles, top Communist Party attorney and Party leader, CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R002800760006-6