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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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August 3, 1949
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Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003000040 CLASSIFICATION ;ONFIDENTIAL 25X1 A CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Ceuador/peru SUBJECT Visit of Enrique Gil Gilbert to Peru 25X1 A L P ACE ACQUIRED 25X1A DATE OF INFO. 25X1X DATE DISTR. 3 August NO. OF PAGES 4. NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 1. Enrique Gil Gilbert, a leading Ecuadoran Cornai:nist, and h1 wife, Alba do (Tilt. left Lima, Peru on 14 July 1949 via Faucett Airlines returning to Ecuador. Gil Gilbert and his wife arrived in Lima on 4 ipril from Guayaquil. 2. After a period of, political inactivity enforced principally by his wife's ill- ness, Gil Gilbert as extremely active during his last weeks in Lira. He hold, frequent conferences with Peruvian Coznmmist leaders; he established the Pero "Pro Paz" committee; and he assisted in organizing CorrAmist labor elements :Lei the Lima area. 3 a 4 us. Gil paid tribute to the work of Pedro P;us~d wars, he said, one of the bulwarks of their Party. . an . sand the perreotion of its organization. 6e He indicated that the Gabo Plaza government in Ecuador appeared ~, favor of the work n to be 1?a _z i class in spite of the fact that Plaza spent a short pe" in the United States prior to his inauguration, presumably to receive instruo a. and plane from +.h Ty--4 J. " 5. The Corer ist Party of Ecuador (PCE) was prepared to reduce itself to the Cent:, ; ' . C ittee alone, he continued, and with this nucleus of tried and true fi htur, build a new Party that could take its place beside the best of Latin .Rzrica the airal ity of its n4144- t s o the PCP in Lima. at which Gil stated that one of his missions in Peru was to do what he could to ensure closer collaboration in the future between the Cor munist Parties of Peru and Ecuador. Reporting on hi, own Party he stated that it had recently been completely reorganized, and he stated that it too faced the saws problem as the PCP, namely the problem of purifying the Party of all elements capable of betraying the laboring class =c serving capitalist interests, such as the Lunaa and the Cerpas of Peru. -.1-- 3- Although Carrrnunist Party of Peru (I'CP) leaders were naturally aware of Gills presence in Peru, no contact was reported between them and Gil until 7 flay whe:. Gil paid a visit to the PCP bookstore Nuevo llorizonte, Cafe iiegreims 5 , an length as established soon as contact with possiblethew, Indicating his desire to confer with then at , 4. A Ming gars Immediately arranged with Jorge del Prado, Manuel Ugarte and r~eetz . ,F s of the Political Cos f CONFIDENT. CLA Document No. NO CHANGE in Class. 0 0SiFlCAT1uN l wiwi6 ^ DECLASSIFIED autin: DDA REG. 77/1763 Date: 2 4 MAY 1978 Bar: Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CT -RDP82-00457R003000040006-2 ' A+~tKV W. AIR sr~ Far _` .. La. 1ANGED ..a C Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003000040006-2 SECRET CENTRAL I11TELLIGIMCE AGENCY -2- 25X1A 7. ~'eferring to I\'ruvian Ecuadoran relations? Gil condemned the action of the two governmento in artificially creating border incidents to distract attent~'f. fr r internal ti'oubles and to mislead the people. In opposition to this, x declared, all pa-)plea must unite to seep foam being used as the tools of iictatorial regimes and military interests. 8. Gil stressed again the importance of the dee.isl on of the PCE to str:+xigthen its )elations with othir Communist" Parties of the hemisphere), which a Fi:ording to It4m had been plarmr;d with tho greatest care, lie requested a from PCF I eaders on the Peruvian thfma scheduled for 25X1 A fortnight later. ( iW_ held no further r!eetinga with PCP .Gaders during My. 9. Ct1. was listed as :special correspondent, on the mast1n ad of the r(wspczper Ik ?t A.Iaes.. that appea-md in Lima on 15 may, and the paper printed tin interuview.'ri'.f?i him in its inside :ages. Ile also gave a lecture at the cultural society, Insul. , in Niraflores on its May on "Law Narrativa Eouatoriera Conte p ra' ea". IL w Com- mw:ist Party leaded had planned to attend, but we ?e prevented ::'rori doing so bb> the death of Jorge del Pr do's sister, ?Maria Antornieta del Pra& do Ponce riar3: _ao, ;~ the ;previous mo:t?xairlg. 10. Enriekuo Gil held a second series of meetWx with. PCP leaders early in June at which ho received a report from Jorge del P.rado on the st?atu~r and activities o: the PCP and on th3 political situation in Peru. He promisee, to transmit this to Ecuador so thada?, a strong propaganda sign might be irr r tiated there again?-,, the Peruvian Military Junta, and so that the comrades of E.saador might know the: magnificent stand -taken and the progress male by the PCP ,.n spite of its illeg0J. status. 11. Once atgain, Gil stressed the necessity of joint efforts and of collaboration to defeat. "the imperialist plans of the Department of Sta?;;o and its lackeys, the subsery3ent governments of Latin America.' He indica.:ed at these meetings that one of alis primary objootives in Peru eras to obtain r,.11 possible support for ti?, Pas which he said had been ordered by "the comrades of the old world" and which, accosiiing to him,, tms bUng carriad out everywhere with such conspicuous success. 12. It was consequently agreed that a luncheon ohoule be held with Gil as the guest of honor and principal speaker on 12 June to launch the "pro-Paz" campaign in Peru. Dotails of organtsing the event we:ae turned over by the Political Commi r a of the PCP to a committee consisting of E;l.ias Tovar, Alfredo Matthews, Jorge Falcon, .'?rancIsco Febres? Enrique Felices) L. U. Grosman and Pepita Pizarro. A luncheon was believed to be not only the most, effective way of initiating such -t ea aignf but also the be$-10 way of circu venting the state of siege which might prevent such a meting on the grounds thtt it was a political gathering. 13. Gil stated that he was sure that "Um agents of imperialism" were following his moves clossiy, and he cited many instances from his past travel and activities.; H was much interested to hear of the difficulties of Francisco Febrewhich he characteri.,zed as direct evidence of the C.S. Department of State's campaign to r- ?, :> and identify all outstanding Conm nists. Gil stated that he huinsel,f might travt;: soon to Mexico and that he might seek to obtain a U.!3. visa from there to if he could. what information the "ag;entit, of imperialism" might have concernin . ii-im, 14Q The luncheon was postponed at Giles request because of the illness of his wife, was held on 19 June at the Jaidism Malambo, General Vidal 155, Rune, owed by Rosita Rios, a close friend of the Party, Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003000040006-2 SE-CRT T Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003000040006-2 LIGE~Ic CE AGENCY 25X1A 15. So M. fifty ticl ats to the luncheon, and "almuerzo criollo", were sold at thirty soles apiece and the fo L3 atr1 have been identified as attends ; Enrique Gil Gilbert Alejandra Reten er Alba Calderon do Gil Elias Tovar Catalina Reravarrrn do Zizold L..ld. Groomn Laura Caller Dr. A. Caballero Mendez Dr. J. Uriel Garcia Jose Carlos Barriga Maria R. de Care's Checa Luis And:La Enrique Camino Brent Alfredo l in v Gheww Pepita Pizarrr, Julio del Prado Jose ::arcos Godino Enrique Foliose Dr. Hugo Peace Hector N. Galv'ez Moises Arroyo osada Then stooles i3e jarano Cesar Barrio _ Jorge del Prado Jorge Falcon Francisco Febras Olt a Carnal no do T atthews A. Campos Elena de Tovar Manuel Moreno Jimeno Albert Tauro `- 6. In additions the following are known to have purchased ticlmts in support, of the luncheon but to have failed to attend for various reasonsa Dr. Ovidio Garcia Rosell Rosa Hurwitz Nugusto Tamayo Vargas Jose Antonio Encinas IIo Echaogaray Augasto Urteaga Rodolfo Ponce Martinez Guillermo Zegarra Ihian n Oyague Carlos Arbulu Miranda Jose Reecio Ernesto Rojas Zavala A bnuel Ugarte `' .ld