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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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July 21, 1949
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CLASSIFICATION S-- 25X1A '1:Dk.1Jt1x~, ~ CONFIDENT1 r INFORMATION REPORT CD No Approved For Re"OkOL~IN~~f 2-0(5POU COUNTRY Colombia SUBJECT Unification of the Colombian Communist Movement 25X1A PLACE ACQUIRED - 25X1A DATE OF INFO. ? 25X1X (ii EDBE' OWC .S. 1 (2 pages) 25X1A SUPPLEMENT T REPORT NO. 1. Although it was reported that the unification of the Colombian Communist movement was proceeding without friction between the rival groups and that members of the Partido Comunista Obrero (PCO) were being absorbed into the various cells of the Partido Comunista de Colombia (PCC), this situation no longer exists. Several cells have shown their disapproval of the unification by refusing to meet on scheduled dates, and those which did meet had. very poor attendance. Filiberto Barrero, Secretary of Agitation and Propaganda, who opposed the unification, is publicly criticizing the Executive Committee of the PCC, which is concerned by the lack of progress made toward unification. 2. Augusto Duran, former head of the PCO, has stated that he will not request admittance to the FCC but plans to continue his Communist activities outside the Party. Barrero considers Duran's attitude a political step to regain control of the entire party, inasmuch as the present leaders of the FCC will be subject to criticism by party members.1 Meanwhile, Duran will remain free from criticism, and his followers will have an opportunity to call for his return to the party as the logical leader of the Communist movement. 3. Attached is a confidential report of the Executive Committee of the FCC on the causes and results of the dissolution of "labor-Communism". Docu>n'S,d 8 Class' 0 L10 CHANCE in [..;aCA`~3 y IUD Va DDA r f1 "~ti~ ~y Date f ,,I 4990abp STATE ~000101MIBPWK 1-7 ARMY -: AIR