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November 16, 2016
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April 17, 2000
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j P82-00457RO03000040008-0 25X1A INTELLIGENCE,,4GENCY CAUSES AND RESULTS OF THE. DISSOLUTION OF "LABOR COMMUNISM" Report of the Executive Committee of the FCC Attachment The publication of the document covering the dissolution of "labor-Communism" calls for explanation of the causes and results of this act, of undoubted importance for the Communist Party and the Colombian proletariat. It is well known that after 9 April the opposing group known as "labor -Communism" which attempted to supplant the PCC, changed its tactics and began to talk about "unity" but on the basis of a Unification Congress in which the Party and the opposing group would have taken part on equal terms. The Executive Committee of the P00 rejected these proposals, stating that the Party could not work on equal terms nor take part in discussions of false unity with those who did not recognize the fundamental principles of Leninist democratic centralism. And in a separate document stated that "when certain individuals who are most responsible for the most serious errors of our political history speak of unity, they should prove their intentions, carrying out a strict self-criticism of their faults and recognizing the error of their actions." Later the Executive Committee suggested naming a committee to study jointly with syndical leaders of the opposing group the possibility of unity of action in the labor movement. But the representatives of the opposing group avoided discussion of the concrete problems and proposed "general negotiations for political unity" on the basis of equality with the Party, which had previously been refused. During the last months, under pressure of international events, as well as the advance made by the Party in its task of Leninist reconstruction, the. opposing group, at least those in Bogota, began to modify its tactics. The creation of the syndical committee was again suggested and the committee met several times, and coordinated action in recent struggles and syndical conventions. In the course of the discussions on this topic, the giestion of the Party printing press was brought up, which since the V Congress has been defended against the attempts of the opposing group, including a lawsuit which has kept it tied up. It was agreed to revise the Statutes of the printing company, giving the manager full powers to carry out such negotiations as he might deem necessary, until, the Party Congress which would organize the concern in whatever way is deemed advisable. Also the necessity of immediately returning the equipment of the Central Committee, taken from the offices while the Bucaramanga Congress was still in session, was brought up. This demand was accepted in principle and is being carried out. Also, it should be noted that the members of the "labor Communist" group agreed to vote for P00 candidates in the 5 June elections in most Departments, with the exception of Atlantico and Magdalena. During the course of these discussions the proposal for a "unity congress" was again rejected, pointing out that the only way was for them to recognize their errors, dissolving their group and applying for admission into the ranks of the POO. On 9 May the directorate of "labor Communism" directed a letter to the Executive Committee of the P00 in which they stated that they had agreed to3equest ad- mission in mass to the P00, and were therefore dissolving their party as soon as possible, as the means of achieving Communist unity. The letter continued that in order to avoid fractionism within the party, they believed that a joint committee should be appointed to consider the best way to effect the recon- ciliation. On`25-May the Executive Committee of the Party sent the following answer: "The Executive Committee of the- PCC considers the statements contained in the letter as the beginning of a real.-self-criticism. The PCC has maintained and maintains ,a just position in defense of the principles of Leninist democratic CONFIDENT 11N4 Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003000040008-0 L INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Attachment centralism and has,. therefore, as a prerequsite demanded the recognition of the errors against the Party. It believes that the reassimilation should be carried out without the sl..~test concession of principles but also without regard to personal interests. It has, therefore, appointed a committee, .composed of Jaime Barrios, Julio Posada and Carlos-Arturo Aguirre to study this question." The. above individuals advised the representatives of the "labor Communist" group, Jesus Villegas Palacio, Jorge Bayona and Uriel Salas, that as the first step, the "labor Communist" group should dissolve. This condition was accepted. At the present time the P00 committee is studying the list of members of the "labor Communist" group who are applying for admission to the Party in order to decide upon the proper procedure in the various cases. This committee will in the near future visit various regions where the reassimilation of the comrades who wish to again be active in the ranks of the Party presents special problems, as in Barranquilla, Barrancabermeja and some parts of Magdalena. The Executive Committee has authorized the Departmental and Municipal .committees throughout the country to,accept into the Party those members of "labor Commu- .nism" who request admission. These comrades, naturally, should be submitted to trial. Their political reeducation claims particular attention in order to avoid any continuation of the "group" attitude in our ranks: at the same time accepting them in Communist fraternity with the respect due those who make a sincere self-criticism. The Executive Committee will inform the basic committees of resolutions regarding the applications of certain members of "labor Communism" who may have special responsibilities or pending accounts with the Party. The Executive Committee considers the dissolution of the opposing "labor Communism" group a great ideological and political triumph of the Leninist principles for which we have fought and continue fighting against all opportunist deviations of the right or the "left" since the V Congress of Bucaramanga. This has been and continues to be a fight of principles and for principles, and not of personalities; and, therefore, triumph was inevitable, regardless of the obstacles in the road to the Leninist reconstruction of the Party of the Vanguard of the Colombian proletariat. C?NF=D~NTIAST~ `ed For Release /18 : oa457R003000040008-0 W Approved For Release 2000/05/18 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003000040008-0