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December 22, 2016
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October 21, 2011
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August 3, 1949
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Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/21 :CIA-RDP82-004578003000340006-9 CENTRAL IN'I'ELLtG1=NCE AGENCY t~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ,:~~iUNTRY ;SUBJECT ,~L~~cE AC~~.~~aE~ Cl~TE OF tN~ CQIV~IDENTIAL Tt>e9 uc~on~l+~ cwuraases ttal~nar:ATtoa APaseztno Tflm mA.tneanl~ aas>ixsQ plc SlS~ Ofii4cp SfATU3 tTITHt'sl 1'10.8 L4EAl7tRmbP'CtlS R9PTx7NAAR ACT bO U.:1. C., Dt AWD bt. A?u A13RPlPD. tT3 TGAp5P71II31ON OS T9ti' 4876tAT1OH Ot? !Tb GOtO'BeWTS IR AffiT'WAt7[7Ht2 TO AW tltdAtSTF{O[i11C8D P8aFi0H IS PttO? t!.'.83TBQ B! LAd. RL'PYIOROC!'T~O OR Ti:tO baRC t0 Pltpf7ltiit[:O. De~,~ a Usti n.I,, CiZOCI1oa~.OVt11L~ ~ U ~ti a,Lp Czechosloval~I.~ ROatoclt Poland T~iodcow AZoat:otr Brest IIS~R Rostock Brest IIS'"R REPORT CD N0. 50X1-HUM DATE D4STR? 3 A.UQ 49 N0. OF PAGES ~ ~?. of ENC~.s SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT N0. TH~s is uNEyALUATEn ~~~oRMATio~t la Gorr~.:rig (f~.~xas:Lan Zono) Re~tratie~r~ and. "~axoxx~p-~nZnalt The ~'al]..owi list. savers ?eparativns mde bSr f~.rms in Land 3as~on~r-~AnT~~~.t dur3x~ ISay I9~9s F If; e }r V?~e ,3n I ,,,~, , SalzUor;;u?rlc "alvag~Ia:i 1, I3AA~nbtzr~ 3, ~ tons salt 3~.,374a00 a~.zl~or~tirerlc Crz~xtr~. 1,U95 to~18 salt x,51?.00 I~o?;eS, ~xc~.3nbtzr~ 12; a00 s 5,103.00 Villerag ~': Boch,, 1 f 000 way h 'basins 1,.2s000.00 Tory au 12,000 drain pipes ~37,~2 0 ~,A ttirerlc~~td, 133,{;tePf Q~.d fc~.~reaioua ctonas C 6~,2~5a2J ~unI:ors ~ Ca,, De:~smu 510 ovens 71,19~n~ } ~.2 ,000 sprayePa 1~2, 000 a 00 12.400 ~c xur~es 12,000.00 ) Ze~ratf'ab~t~iT~, Kax~3.sfeld l~t~y-OUO tans earx-ant ~ ~a12,000.00 G~.t?rcrl,:e Elbe, tdil;,tonlsQr0 3.,000 pc~ira ruUber boots ~6?, 500,OD Ttx~upl~Grusonwerk, T~.a{;dabtxr~ 1~ rinaf~ r.~ach3.nas 27,~7~..45 S ~.adc~rsloben ~ Oo a , Be~~r_bur~ 1C3 dr111ix~ r~c-cbinQS 1,000.00 Sch2~.i'fer s': I3udanbarG, i~untin~and Tleasurir~ i ~ ~;d~:b~~ ~ in9trt~ata 1, 723, 0.00 ~L8I(;x' ~ : i~1Y~11B I'msclz3.neFlfabrilc, ~ochersleban ~ twisting ~achinoa ].2,12?a~:~ ~'3.r.~t:~a, i~nsdorf ?2a tons 1i8~~5.ta i,~x 135,69]..20 Ide0e:#.fat ~~ ITubn~ar, IIa ~7.? .action pups 213,073.10 cltc:rc:~.T~. sch3 r~.enfak 4"~.}Ss TIa~'~].a 3a1{err nac;:inos x,122.57 STATE ,'?~ Ah'R7Y This document I~ hereby regraded to COIdFIDENTIAI. trt ~ccccctance with the letter of 16 potQber 1.978 from the OireCtor of Central to#elligence to the d#rchivist of the Unlted States. Ct~N~ID~NT~A~. ~~~~?~t n~AYt Review 4at8: 2008 ~ Aut P,.ostock Poland Poland Poland. CLASSIFtC+1~ 1 t~N J tJ~~,-~1ViJ '~ V .tJ w ~1' 1' J.VS.C~LM 7 '~:~ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/21 :CIA-RDP82-004578003000340006-9 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/21 :CIA-RDP82-004578003000340006-9 CI;iI~'RAL 3If~F.yLIGII3CE ACI~:ICY ~~v ~ V?~lus in I earl s ~gst IYTalz~rerle, 'l~i.le 540 bathtubs 50,(300900 L3ndt~er A.C., B,ostock Am~x~dorf 45 flatcars 1,364,201.27 ICxup~-Gru sontrerk, i:n~;doi~iir;C 1 Delprecaan~.+~~e (s3.c} 763,124.12 Poland Po3.~znd iucler~ schinenf?~br~.k, t~hc~n I~tch3.nos for sugar factory 174,01,00 Ik~ehpap~enfabr~lk, H~.lle 350,000 n. bs~ard 119,000.00 t~ass~.clY ~: FCralls, 2~-z~;dabur~ - 6,500 k;s. cure 17,201.64 iia~;daburg 4locomotivos 11~pg67.15 eoda~~briF~ Brest Poland Poland Polagid , Tleustr~saf~t 35,000 k~s. soda (without water) unF~own er ~ F~J ; Cp , Pol~axid ~ . ., BaF~I~euditz `Taaansd skins i:afs, 3ar~herhau?~?n 676 Mcycles Unl~rso?,m farm 192 wooden houses 572,634.70 60,16!..00 2,106,315.Op 3~iosaow Rostock Brest ~n The following SFlot78 tI1Q exports from S~.nd .ci8acox~,y-,Anholt f8r the r.~ath ~f T~zay 1949 F Va~.u~ 3n. Dest~ t~.t~ n _ I3ic~xxburg ~.2,0(~ tons C87~Y'it F.'~.2Z'1 n ,~.08~000.00 Rostock A.ltr7arl~ l0, 000 sleeper8 100, 000.00 Po1&Fid 1,600 Cu.II. ctltilt)od 128,000. (}0 Pol&nc1 2,537 cu.n. cutwood I~orabilk~tt, 202,960. a0 Prc3st t,Jei:}sanrlt-~t~'ilz?~u 593 tons paraf`f'in Zuclcorpf?xbr~.I~.en, 1y66~0,~A0,00 Iloecow ~r~,err~ind? 3,SOp tons suer ~urlcex3fmTurik, 2,052,000.00 Brest i:a~e~nzr~ x.,200 tans stxCrx.r Zualcex~zffine~?ie, 2,?68,000.A0 Brest Iiall.e 10,300 tons suCar Filmfs.brik 5, 562,000.00 I3reat ~ 50X1-HUB a a taS t3~1.2rt 9, C)00 tons salt aalzbe~uterlc, 77,400.00 C zechoslo~sra ki~ i~ari~rxsxeban 6()00 tons salt} $6 000.00 Czeah?s~.ovakia I~7aus~~assfurt 5,000 tons Galt 1,3,000,00 C2echoslavak.~.~. 50X1-HUM C?NFIDENTIAL Ste'/COIITROL ~ U.S. DF'~'ICIAIS OIL[ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/10/21 :CIA-RDP82-004578003000340006-9