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December 19, 2016
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March 6, 2006
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August 30, 1949
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or kele'ase 2006Io 1 -CI CENT'? AL i NTEL l..1 EN E ACU '?GY CO NO. 1 NTF ' Ger ny (Russian. Zone) CT R i ssac Sh pne Lu through .4,11 CE -QUIRE') F..oni-?rt / Oder 25X1 ..,:...its.... ..._:i-"i'.~ 14?. L Gfj i?3Y *! 3 . w'9 MOOR7AT103 AFF~XSJRGI 712a 17=90.1 Al. SITS11SU Y.a Tdfi 1347r Ir 9I. Ei; '7JW117 T130 iUMIP64 47 TP3II 16C?!$. A?3 ACT so w,'3. C.., 93 C-SaA'~.^.? A# AWti3HaYs:,Z, 35'9 TW,P.%1'~L1sg5aG}i7 GA yEai fi?k"dEi4iVCiS iaLt7 `1 2.r3'G'.. Asr^`Y^L815;'ICOM OP MIR V111211 Is I'MMIRIM. 25X1 25X1 DATE DISTR. NO. OF PAGES 4 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS !S UNEVALUATED INFORMATION at1 1 ,titt the tzkbeg- of, iris t rall d. care with tamer ret ea .1 and. 27 July eo~ltEl.tx V~ 13 t `f ea A oa~ r of 25) car%' of irehiclc)* . rost.w; ttovak YAMC x d in en 2a e ti 8 ...xx$ "Mfw'~ p F ?t Brest F'r n]-furt Reparations Uranium ore P"iiit< r) F:o ~ is 71 Fran2furt crest a s t Fr.-W: fort ca Berlin West West Brest Rerarat ions Red Arrr_ ? go~;ds ~r gs' Misc. is-tdus y; c eds. Brest Frank:f'xrt Militar 03/11:l-rRDP82-0045743W510001-4Nili CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003100510001-4 tONF1DEN Care 20 fr;htaoa.:,.i with ti, 15 " n .Fe, I" 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 2 y 1949 a total of four transports aariied, ri,-%;,?neee ore from Brest Jul tro ?Ji I'r`n' d"urt Oder to Berlin ! Migseruat f.rhause la CONFIDErTM I empty West P Last West 25X1 IAL C ont :fit West st Ve East 0o v; I hiring t".ae month of July up t6 Approved For Release 2006/03/17 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003100510001-4