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December 22, 2016
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December 12, 2011
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September 6, 1948
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rnxi L_II J Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003300270006-7 -jiAX S - CENTRAL, IN' ELUGENCE AGENCY REPORT 'ORT CD NO. CO DENTIA - COUNTRY USSR (U and, Beloruosiaa & RSFSR) TE DISTR. 13 6 3P49 PLACE ACQUIRED DATE OF I NO. OF PAGES 3 NO. OF ENCLS. -S (LISTED BELOW) SUPPLEMENT TO 50X1-HUM !1 lr A/\TT RIA 'MID DCC9i1EUT CCI TAIRt ItFOUCAT10:1 AFPGCTISOT :81I1TldUA1 Rt4YF13t OA TG@ UZITZD 3TAT?8 Tt1TI4U THU 932CMU10 07 TSIU ?EP10.VA2I ACT DO 07 ITO C09TE1IT0 131 AST CAA0?0 TO AN URAUTRDOIZCD P22WN 1Z PR0- 31G1t?0 DT LAV. S?PRODCCTIOU: op TEi3 10313 10 PR0111CITE0. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION Moscow., V azma, Uvarovkkaa Dubnat In 1945 'a rt.nglo -track railway was built was to servo the Veroya steel works. 20 Vitebsk., Zur.ash,, Yunovichi: In 1946 a singly-track branch line was laid running north srom"?`Vitobok through Yeno?'.tchiand Zurash in order to link the local industrieso V-1~ 50X1-HUM 3o Brest..Litovoks Soviet broad gauge track ends at Brest-Litovsk0 A.1.1 Soviet tanspoo -coming from Berlin via Frankfurt/0 er and Poland to Kiev use German cars and locomotives as far as Brest?T,'_tovsk, where there is a custow oontrolo The Soviets 'are then transferred tc Soviet railroad oarriager and proceed within tho USSR without further intoruptione It was previously reported* that German electric locomotives w,1hich,had tea concentrated soar Brost-Litovsk for some time were destined for the electrifled railways in the ?lag .togorsk area, and ?thea the traaki in this area had r of been converted to Europen gauge. but were all Soviet gauged the electric locomotives were not convected to Soviet gauge bcauso of the cost of the extremely complicated work required0 50X1-HUM 4. Uzh orddr. A lGrge underground depot has bean built on the southern side of Uz ??;ore (48?38'N, 220167E). T -b is lots+oc) so th of the railroad line an Gast of the main Uzhgorod.Cop (48?25'N, 22-'i11E) road? ag veto on the main I !oseow-V'yazm& 15. w with Dubnao Its main purpose CLASSIFICATION SECR3 /CONTROLMUS (ffICIALS ONLY DISTRIPBUTION 12 121 ( Document No. NO CHANGE in Class. ^ DECLASSIFIED Class. CHANGED TO:' TS DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 Auth: _D 'A. IREEG _. Date; _= Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003300270006-7 SUBJECT Railroads, Roads, & Bridges in b1entorn USER Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003300270006-7 SE ET/CONTUOL.4S OFFICIALS ONLY C 'NTRAL L I?NTELLIGE NCE AGENCY Fi wN 2 MN C N I DENTIAL a L A . gle-Track in Deceriber l9..7c was 5o go,,le:s-Vorleutsa Rsailw Lint, t This r'as sai 6 Kor&i. SSR thst the line would be doubled and that preparations for thin ? ork voro duo to start in the spring, of l9480 Kotlas-Kirov Railway Line z in December 1947 this line was single- traeks However., was e` .e chu c a double track had been laid in certain unspecified partso The work of laying a double track for the full length of the.lino was expected to start in the spring of l9480 7o Gorki"-Kirov Railway Liner This limo was double breck in December 947,, 50X1-HUM=< 80 tdosco sk-Konoto Pri.?c. . herkassy-Vosneaensk Odessa Railway Line: TUB vies c+t, ou"S~e 3nc ax'~oi e~ r. u in December oae? e rravk was in use. No repair work on the second 'track was observod0 9o Kotoreb-Pervomaisk Railway Line.- In September 1948 thiis, was a single-track ea o prepare, one or ayixag a second track were observzeds 10 Ukraine: The Soviets have converted o. road in the Carpathian foothillrc Vorokhta (48?1?3113, 24c33sE)-Kozmie; uchek (sic: KozM1scnk?)-_Kowerla.- Tizabogdan-Raho-G rtyanliget (sic)-Nagy Bocsko into a highway. There are now trio nain roads running parai lol in the Tisza Valley districts 11. Issshukonskoy kino Road.- An unsurfaced road runs from Ieshukonskoye ~, ' q"` ~^^J ~zrrs, passing through the following villages: Tsengory (640441NO, 46?577E) Koynas (64?36'N, 47?37?E) Voshgory (64?35?1Ls: 48?251E) Razgort (63?33?N, 48?51?E) Yarorsge, (62.?467N, 49?344E) l20 Leehukonske~yie .Rai ;ax?t Road: Another unaurfaced road runs along the Vase n~vejr xrora ,vsnuseons"' ko to Razgorco This road passes through the following villages: Olema (64?284N, 46?071E) Vazhgort (640041No 47?23+E) Vendonge (63o27%, 47?569E) 130 Rasgort--Glotovo Roads There in an earth road from Razgort to Glouoao T63033% ?4gJ~E~`via Ros'!an (63?32=N, 49005SE)o 14o Aikino-Turya- rzhpogoct-Glotovo Road: An unsurfacod road roans along e "yra Fi g?r rom ao to nova nits Turya** and linyrazhpogost, This road passes through swamps and is in bad condition., I3 l5,, Zaporozhe: -Jork was begun on two stool-girder bridges over the Dnepr River a aporosh., sho~i-tly after the war. Each was designed to stand a load of up to 300 tons ' and to carry a double-track railway linen They have replaced .the four old single-track bridgesso 260 Rail Bridge over the Dozy River at Rostov Deco ber 1948: This is a ou~@ br go are on masonry sz u n s an an cuunspecified number of masonry pierso- It carries a double traok0 The girdera of the superstructure are of an L -shape oonstructione From the train the river could be seen through the carriage woyu The train crosses the bridge at an estimated speed of 16-20 kpho This bridge is 600-800 maters longs Its height above normaL ester level is 20_?.,25 netersso No eznorgeno r bridgework sections were observed on either banks SEG1,~./CONTR0T.US OFFICIALS ONLY Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003300270006-7 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003300270006-7 s`:w/ o por rs OFFICIALS omx CF TRAL 3 NTE L FCC AGENCY IS, Road d R.ai? wa'l }3rior t;a r River Kre non hu (Doeoniber 1946 0 over epr R. er as cam y~..'? ompo rv B50X1-HUM wooden br idgp F .3, a I esa hali'-;o ap1eted bridge a observed about a O kiic11.et3r a in December 3,0-4, r3st of they ;:e: ~a ors. y br~i dg o This n idee will double nteried; road trafi ?. will be on a road abovo the tr it c;oustructic. had 'ova stax+,ei from iota end abu?~ ntsa The abutra zat.s and- piors appeared to be asonry aoustrtitotims, wUlo to superatructuro seemed to bo a motal gl-rdcr GQnstruct .aaa,~ 13y )ecoraber 1943, rail track aud a r to . ed road ht d been laid to either end o7' ho bridge. 50X1-HUM SEi. OVTROL US, OI`ICZALS OILY NFIDENTIAL CO Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/12 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003300270006-7