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December 20, 2016
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October 28, 2005
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August 29, 1949
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Approved For Release 2005/12/0 IA-RDP 2-0457 U(333 p0002-4 CLASSIFICATION Wci T C :N ris, " COUNTRY Soviet Zone of German; REPORT NO....,,_ P?0 Fourth Gds Yecz Army (Cad rd) in Northeastel:xi a nr?e s 25X1A 25X1 C 25)M l __DA` E FREPARED_._..2 Utz u ~l. ~4~ . REFERENCES. PAGES__...~..._; _ _ENCLOSLJRES (NO. & TYPE)- .~. RE:ARKS 25)L1 1~ General as General Situation The si uat?i on i n t Tie ar ea. of the Fourth Gds Mecz Army (Cadre) has remained almost constant, as was analyzed in a previous report. No new units have been observed. n, Maneuvers (1) (a) -Numerous previous reports in- dicate that the TEMPIU training area mist be eonsia.erea -;..Le prin- cip , maneuver grounds for the component units of the Fourth Gds Mecz Army (Ca.dre) with the exception of the 7th Gds Meoz Div (Cadre). Ltore component units of the army (including units with four hundred tanks and armored vehicles) went to the TBLIPLIN training area in mid-June 1949. (b) From the information that ei;;ht TELIPLIN bakeries were ordered to deliver a daily quota. of 1,000 loaves of bread each up to the end of October 1949, inferences can be made as to the duration of the maneuver period and the number of troops engaged in the maneu- vers. From this and other information it is assumed that the ma- neuvers v0_11 continue until about the end of October 1949 and that the units engaged in maneuvers in the TELIPLIN area total five to eight thousand troops. (2) L1o:~ t of the component units of the 7th Gds Mecz Div (Cadre) were stir. in the LIEBEU0 'E training; area et the end of July 1949. (3) The following areas were used as training fields by troops stationed in the B43INAU area: (a) BE1u&AU-SCIIOL'NO:t area (training area which was established in July) . (b) BIRNAU-DAIE?iITZ area (signal units were practicing there). 25X1A (I AFPICIr~A; lnN SECRET-CGNT : L NO CHAPGE is Class. 0 0 DECLASSIFIED Class. CIIANCZD TO: TS S DDA Memo, 4 Apr 77 Authi -DD11 FwG. 77 fete: Approved For Release 2005/12/05 : CIA-RDP82-004578003 00 00002 SEC L.-v- c Approved For Release 2005/12/ CIA-RDP82-00457R0033 060000?1 A- 25X1 C 25X1 C c. ~.'ecruits 25X1A ecruit unity were still loe,,ted 1.n eover..;1 axili tury postti in t:.c i:Xiy ureu ":;t t lc c:Ilu of Julyr 1 '49, ;r lilt -:10' t' ti units t' G b . ; Y1 1'1; tr; 1:.."i n ? , ,, u u1UUl~t.+ P33.':CE; `.* 1 CIAO e. . vacua ti on' of :fie oendenta It via k; a ;aa n o serve Csuriii the secant h if of Jul sc: :.: rain :it'1 3 1 c epena-r:t.~ Y 114 io via left for the aoviet Union 2. lI of the ;.,"'Ou-Tth Gds ; tarrl Cadre :,"1c observation l a ",!?li.:h unit {, the Imo- arcicl Yi . zeudc~uurters in tI:B '2.S_ u uioi2 of t je j may be eon ijderod a eonfir- Jq of ~: ur"~f~ ups i8c~; Army (cadre) up to that cia te., ou-f inn in n iAc ,tof tihe 312th Gds .Locket Ren-t i( 9 Jule 1 ; adre) until Ja 6t?i u id a..C3CG" iv (jadre) i u c o ?; eompOric.nlt unite of the 6th Gth3 . were ide11 'i. _ad in 41e L ::PLIT~ t~?uinin, area July 1949. e) .ia11 component unit] o; this div:iaionv' A ~~ eld meld ex X49. t ie cu 11v~ t_~:'re:, t z.3i d eank of D1:.ia tlL' AerciseM in (sac Vora 1, b) . b. Lilly uarU details and recruit units :'Jere observed to have re?uained in the military posts of the 6th CdN :.;eez Div (Cadre) B- ~ 11T s,:~ and .r1~.TYAU) . 4. 7 t.1 G .ecz .Jiv iuadre) a4 I1.C vC:.t :t2o : emaratiri.- from ti?e quarterin area of the 7t?: Gdo .._ccu Div ('..acre) u;ain con'irras ux1"~ t. ,} t::1:;; i; most Of t,110 component Gl Lae division had one to the Li ~~ :~C~y trziriii area, -111Y s rail units (rear Jetu11) of the division were observed, in J iij 1049, to have rerluil-'ad in the division?o military Post:; (e. g" in Fl;' A: ','L`~i~/Cder) b a the Gt=r cr U c3 ale ` a,, uin cp1:f:irmed (~ t t o 1Vision. The reoir:ent I1ad last boon iaenti.iied as boin, definii. stationed in BAD ~?.~;(;.i by soviet dociments procured in February 19490 50 25th -ank iv (cadre) chile mot of the division's field uni-tj %--,ere a~; loc:.; tc;: in t