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December 14, 2016
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April 9, 2002
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October 11, 1949
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C. ASSIE1GA?0 :t "` ~...}_b CEN T RAL G ME AGENc Y REPOR #-? NO,. j F a a ATO REPORT CD NO s s .!? C` ' i~o rurii.s'~ mbersh:ip C. er 25X1 C PLACE a i-3QUIRE6 D/ TE OF 1s CONFIDENTIAL DATE DISTR. . !?!eT 4:00 DaLWE BELOW) 25X1 A SUPPLEMENT TO, REPORT NO. 25X1X .t Is repo ;wed that the carnets of the Cmaunis t Party of Chile which were issued under the ,u-ise o. rerrxbership cards in. the Ca ibs Deport ',.cos " Bilbao" and t4Cami l o Her:x'igtte ha d'e bsen 'c c:aUed by the Party because; p G :i.t e i}: e 6ig ion -has ter s clesed the lv-,e to which the Communists were putting t em, and has i eridercd thezi su pec u? Those cards have been replaced : t,h a ps.a} n ;c.rnxe; v sho-? .xj only a st=rJal number' and havin, se(:iions for monthly dims- ,,-ata ;ps, It : s not yet asxosn whether this type o:i; k~a: 'nc i; is in general use Uhrouwliout Chile. When l xis Alberto Saavedra 'alderrai is . also i io n as Luis Alberto S vedra Va3en%uuela;, Cormiun st Party director of M'olyp ..?la in. charge of propaganda in that district, was arrested by the police., a niv:iber of :sae dues -stamps and re cei.p'it blanks used for l sr( ? payments to the Party wets ?ound in his possession? He v. s a Ccmr, candithte for councilman for El. ;,?once in 19147, a former rtxeufoer of the Ch2.1ean?4SovLet Cultural institute, and a rain oad leader- 25X1A WARNING NOTiCE THIS OISTRIQUTION LISTING EXCISED AFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS DO MUST BE DOCUMENT. Approved For Release 2002/08/07 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003400340005-6 ,. _. - to -''..`---mdocumn is hera'aY regraded the wiln This AL in accordance fom the CONVIDSHTE Oc~pbeT 1978 to the to tester of 6 Gentrat lntell`,genCe oof the United Sues' Archivist pate 200$ Next Review e ~..- NON OF PAGES I