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December 14, 2016
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March 20, 2001
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October 28, 1949
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this document is hereby regraded to CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. NexL Review Date: 2008 Uea For Release 2001/03/30 ? C CLASSIFICATION Approved For 2-00457ROB340111 BRIFORMATION RE FIT CD NO. 25X1A C V;\1TRY Poland DATE DISTR. 28 OC 49 n'n ..nrr The Polish Railmay System NO. OF PAGES 3 NO. OF ENCLS. 25X1A :HIED (LISTED BELOW) c--E OF I SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. 25X1X 1. Recent events have indicated that the Soviet Union has been extending its in- fluence and control over the Polish Railway System. This trend has not only been snecifically noted in the strategic planning going on concerning lines handling East-Uest traffic in Poland, but also in the fact that the greater rercentage of all heavy industrial output of railroad equipment in Poland and other eastern European countries is being manipulated, controlled, and utilized to the best advantage of the Soviet Union. As rogards new strategic railroad lines in poissna it is reported that emphasis is being placed on a new line to rar parallel to, but to the north of, the present Fnankfurt-Poznan-liarsaw line; stress is also being placed on lines running from ',Tarsaw eastward to and ex- tending through the Baltic area. 2. At the present time 'larsaw is the focal point for the northern railroad traf- fic bet,nen the East and the Ieet via Poland and as such is of great importance to .the Russians. In the future, for military reasons, it is expected that the city of Msdlin, north of 'larsaw, will become equally important and will handle the principal share of all northern traffic. The routing of traffic through Modlin has already begun, and it now handles all railroad transport previously cleared through Uareaw from the northern areas of Poland. Modlinos traffic will be expanded as quickly as facilities andcotntraction permit. 3. The following railroad lines are under construction either as new lines or under going improvement: a. GdanskMalbork (Marienbnrg) -Dzialdowo Line b. Olsztyn (Allenstein)-Ostroda-Ilama (Deutsch Eylau)-Torun Line c. Olsztyn (Allenstein)-Dzialdomo-44arsaw Line d. Olsztym-Ostroleka-Bialystolo-Grodno Line e. Bialystok to Brest (Brzesc) on the Bug River The above lines are being constructed or improved to rails of two gauges (broad and standard) and all bridges are being rebuilt of concrete or !lteel construc- tion. This work is scheduled for completion at the end of 1950. WARNING NOTICE: THIS DISTRIBUTION LISTING MUST 16 EXCISED BEFORE PUBLIC RELEASE OF THIS. DOCUMENT. CLASSIFICATIONC?F""Ar iA ST 'AM '1V Appro DocitteEtt NO Auth: _ By: Data: IA RDP82-0045 R003400420008-4 \Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003400420008-4 CO" CENTRAL INTE oa. Wait 6t; -2- 25X1A 4. Te complement the railroad oonstraction a new surer-highuay is planned from Warsaw:, vla Modlin-Dealdowaarialbork to Gdansk. At Nedlin this project is already under uonstruction. 5. The following inforwaltion io reportad concerning spacifio railroad industriea in Poland: a. Panatuoma Fabayka Vaaonow (Pafavag) loaatod at 'claw (Breslau); Urea Robotxicaa 22 (formerly Lithe-Wofftan). 1) Pafauag is now the graatost producor of railway oars in Poland. ApTwoximately 129003 uorkera are emplcyed hare. 2) The types of product:Ion at Pafaang are described as follows: b. F a) Railroad passenger ears b) Railroad freight ears. Specificaliya freight Cars for coal trana- rt are. tha principal typea, e) Approximately tuo-thirds of all factory production is sent to tha Soviet Union or other satellite countries at tha direction of the Soviet Union. d) Speaial tank cars for liquid fuels aze also manufactured in small numbars. ? bryka Parouosow, H. Cogielski S.A: Poznan; ulica Daszynskiego 136.. 4-* 1) This was formarly uell-knoun privately owned locomotive factory0 uas recently nationalized and is continuing to opt e under the sane name. The factory area is located in Poznan pipe r9 mith the principal araa in the Wildasuburb Approximately lo,poo parsons are employed here. Production is desorited aa follous: 2) 3) a) Railroad locomotives deseribed as "vsly largo and heavy." These locomotives are of Rusaian design and are built particularly for heavy and long distance hauls. Only three such engines have been delivered to the Polish Railuay System. The entiaz output is laslo mediately delivered to the Soviet Uniaa. b) Spacial tank ears claimed to be desigaad for the transport of oxygon are manufactured for the Soviet Union. The production of such cars is now 20 per year. e) Machine gms ara manufactured at one departmesat of the Wilda sub- urb plant 0nly about 500 are lisaauoacaoroar yea19 and thase aa !ea. shipped tc Albania. c. Pierusza Fab ka Lokozatyw Pelsce S. A. Chrzanow (west of Krakow). 1) This is a 2 emotive fat' employiogabout 7v000 aarsons. 2) Production as followa: a) All types of locomotives for stazdard-gauge and broad-gauge rail- ? roads. About 50 peazent of all production Is seat to Ruasia. b) & locaavtiva for narrow-gauge railroads is also reported in pro- duction hara. Of this typa tho ontire production is sent to Russaa o) Spare and raplacamat .its for all locomotive?. d. Wytworalia Parouoaow Zaklady Ostrowisokia, Warsaw uliea Kolejowa 57. CO - ? ENTIAL Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003400420008-4 Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003400420008-4 214;70 CEUTRAL INT3LLMENGE ACM= -3- 25X1A I) This is a locomotive factory presently employing about 3,500.workera. Under the new Six,--Rear Plan the facilities of this factoxy. are to bs ellarged to employ Po000 persons. 2) Productions a) Locomotives for standard-gauge t7aeks? to used in Poland and a Ember to be exported to ths I:lest. (Such sales have been attemr(6ed to Spain and Argenti72a in exchange for white metalsv this being the ono condition of the transaction.) b) Steam bIllers for railroad locomotives. Tcal production is im- mediately shipped to the Soviet Union. e. Polskie ZakladSr. Bmbcocr.;1-Zieleniewdtrii, i.A.; Sosnolaiec, ulica Felikm Perla X) Formerly. Polish-Belgian conpagy now Y/..Itionalizod. Employs about 3,00C persons. 2) Production2 a) Steam bo:-Jwm :?or 13couctives, ?Msh conumnption. b) SpecLal cTlenk pointe used .tta ?oil& railroads. Ilgtvornia 8p-Aziow Vroadsen TcolejowychE Erakow, ulica CysLersou 16. 1) This is the cily such facto2.7 in Poll at this time. (Another is planned for construction in l!arsaFundor the SizYear Plan.) About 390100 TJ.Dr7tors Z710 nour employed. 2) hoductiont All tyTes of anilroad rignal and lighting installatiom and equfpmeat, About 8% of thu proda(Alom is for Yolish use. g. Stoconia PolnocnauCdanak. 1) The north eapyurd, CdcrlskI formerly 714nziger 'iap,goo..Fabek. Factory now employs about 2,OCO wmAers. 2) Productiong Zia addition to shipbuilding, s- ocomatives and straDt- cars are buRlt here. J. Miscellaneous a. Under the Sea Pc ths plans ic tuo large railroad factories havu been approved. Theca Iftoteries aro to be 7m5,1t in the area betuaaa UarclaTy and Krakow, eaet t!'ipi ViLtala Raver. b. The facilities for the repET of raikttd loccuotives are available at - factories Gt c, e? ani g ablve9 vM1 the geatest amount being dons. at factory g. A small amcumt of local :IfIcomotive reply uork is dcne at Elbiag Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003400420008-4