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December 20, 2016
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January 17, 2006
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September 22, 1949
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Approved For Release 2006/02/0': CIA-R ''051C CLASSIFIMI0N ZM$ Ha66'i -` . ` h x? TOPIC 1 !WALUAT1ON~ REFERENCES- PAGES 4._ .>... ENCLOSURES (no. 8, TYPE) REMARKS- 1 25:1 251 1. a. An artillery unit with nir4a guns o 7'about 150 nn caliber was entrained for ALTEN( tA130W (i! 5/Z 00) at the railroad station of 11. DPARK near POV~DA:4 (14 53/Z 63) the afternoon cf 23 June 1949. This urru.t had been quartered in the former 4juftnachrichtan 1 aserne POTSDAMA-FICHE. 25X1 II With the departure of the artillery unit, the former haft- nachrichten Xasorne was lightly occupied by recruits and training poreo n3o1. June 1949 2. a. The POTSDAN- COLM A .aserne was occupied only by a rear detail of an artillery unit on 27 J!rne 1949. 25X1 13 July 1949 a. 't'he POTSDAI(-N LITZ kasornes were occupied by about 500 troops, allegedly infantry ,troops,, on 13 July 1949. Three high radio assts, formin; a triangle, were observed in the kaserne area 0Fpproved For Release 2006/02/01 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500540008-0 b. Tank, artillery and infaneryy units totaling about 10000 25X1 Appro grrRetease 2006/02/01 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500540008-0 CV% 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 6. ?i'a.nks were unlocideu -. 1.'Q L . train of 25 flatcars-at the Sii.T --oi, railroad stati em. The tunics left in the irectlcn of tl)(i ...a-: it'it'2 "-sserne. rp1 s:;.c i~d.~klrs~ stx~~ctitia :-..on on of the .era, r o3' on (:Mc was 1.cioateo. in the i'-)r to i OccuJa t hColf t1At1 eY.';erno of on 15 4,::1y 111-.-149. Col wa:.a ;of p uric poi :?i.i4OAi, wav : eputy/ C)ofS of t hi.s soctici'i. The 1'or,:ie:c w?- 5illctec at 05 :Iao ;ora.t.'ieo and the lattor t d C' :6T1 s t '.~ uri 8 , a. One section. of the kaa : r:ie was occupied by a Loviet :one police school. The Sov.,ct,-occupied kaserne section (seven build' .n?- a) has a capacity of r.bout 1,500 troops. b. he ' LhDLiTZ kaserna is also referred to as formier LuLendorff Aasor e . according to pray ,::us 3ni'or:.ation, t e i OtSE:;.~ Msera ea are ,ssu. ,. U to be occup c:d by the of i o u'ta.= wn a. z or,tiea" Lu. 'tnaChx''.Ciiten I'Xser?1(i '(}` (~Y,~',SLA ii *UL: Art .ller.?y unit of the Nth uc:.s . ~tsxa t~ct "r-A 25X1 Troops of this unit (s'' ~T 25X1 ;ti. M ..t, ~ =e 19 4 0 o e Mo or 2 e troops left the 1'.0.2Q11 t 1.::..a r?a1lro;;a sti, L icn f 4,, AJ TE-> (nL 1~~ in Jur'e nnc:F earl- July ;?t-4). it Is cllt vc6 t..r,t al'.1 troops co~.lcerncu bolos ?'c:. to the sa!ie a.7t1llcny unit. t). ,teas e me of P C)i'SDA ?a"U1~.: whether or not ;.lie kaserne anc the YUA'~i . ?':t- 1CI Luftnt chrichl;en :mss c,.-:xx?a a;?a Identical.. it appo rs however that the kase3rncg :nent.ic':nda are different Installations-1 Approved For Release 2006/02/01 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500540008-0 the kaserme Is aamucec. to e occu le r. y a U57U. '.e un. 01 e a e. 200 1.,: CIA-RPP8240457 03500540008-0 Approv-IUW 25X1 25X1 25X1 troop (pze~s :~abl.y 110L u.ji~:.e } in ?;ha iiuc:endoi fa .-I,aserne. in Gantry troo-as wer 55reviously obeervec in either kaserino, d. I ...eoz V and Fe i th ti ,ioo in .the former s chile . kaserno: I component unite of the lst .:::a or Trans Re t of t ho .jM.L a were eta- Meares isit- wu i~ahr- e. a'or xer itdolf -Hitler .aserne : i has not yct been possible to icie :ztity the .writs stationed in the Adolfs=4Titl?r kias t ., believed that uAts of r a:~i s 3 s e'rec pons a tn_e.t the Supply and .Ad:::inistrative Section a the JO.e fs .Flay be lcxcatcci in the i OTSILa.: Adolf Hitler Aasc:rnc. No per tinent infor:,.ation has as 'cat been receive.ii The report,- o officers are un'.aaor.n. Jlixt 7