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December 19, 2016
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January 31, 2006
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October 17, 1949
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Approved For Release 2006/02/27 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500560005-1 C _ ^sr CLASSIFICATION CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY REPORT NO. INFORMATION REPORT CD NO. COUNTRY Goz ny (Ru,:;ian Zone) SUBJECT ;feeting of Police ^'chool Go_ ndants DATE DISTR. 17 Oct. 1949, NO. OF PAGES 3 NO. OF ENCLS. (LISTED BELOW) TWIG DOCUL1IWTC091TAIUO WFOSEtATIOHAFIIcTUtOTImWATIOCALDCp8Aa6 OF TIM WITCO 5TATSS !TI=III T119 RM11114 OF WE 110P ONAOU ACT 60 U.O. C., at A11o on, As ANNUDHD. ITS T t ariastsoic , aft Tres OEfELATIOI1 OP Its COMM IH Any 11A1:HER TO AU UUAUTNORIZItO PESZOII tO PRO. 6ICITE!- OT LAW. IIRPRODUDTIOW OF THIS FOOZZ iO P&OICIS/TSD. THIS N1 III "IIOICUIIIEI IL i r~TeD~ CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with thy; letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central Intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 25X1 l.. a meeting of the commandants of the paramilitary schools was held In Berlin at the headquarters of the I"Verwaltung f1r Schulung bei der DVdIt'. In addition to the commandants themselves, General Petrakovsky was present, as well as Chief Inspector Willy Zaisser and In- spectors lloitsch* (successor to llerr>ann Rentzsch as chief of the parar:ilitai', police), Zorn (in. char a of Abte i lunr Inspection), and l1ans 'Julz (in charge oe ?trainini) 6 The discussion covered a nusrlbor of topics, including the status of the schools, the results of a recent inspection trip by Zorn, training methods, parsoaool t14" , the enforcement of the disciplinary coda, furloughs, and the economical adzninistration of the schools. 2. An introductory talk ems ?ode by Zaiasser. He declared that the insistence of the Allied 'lith Com -issioners upon reservinr' the final decision on the trade treaty between the eastern and western zones signifies that the Allies themselves consider East Gerarsy a foreign state, and that this in effect corn firms the final. ? plit bet'reon East and 'Test. The creation of the East Gorman state wee a necessary corollary of thin :lovelop*tent. lie said that it is incum- bent upon the political parties to rtc a increasing efforts to render the Na- tional Front an effective instrument, and that all ronsible concessions 7,411 have to be -ade in furthering this end. Applying this principles to police affairs, he pointed out that it is i rortant not to repro:rent the y*lice force as an instrument of the RED. An illustration of this 1^o? icy 'as a recent occur- rence in Saxony, whore Bone nor-bare of the paramilitary police applied for ad- rtission to the GATT in order to provoke dismissal from the force; in line T,rith the .dational Front policy they were retained. 3. Zaisser rorarked that the croation of a aoverei' n vast Gorzan state will result in the reduction of soviet r ,ronentative?s to more control or-n- nn. The soviet officers attached to the schnola are to be a?(apax ad as such eont?'f...6 or'ana. Their presence should be thou?Thtof as syrtholiziri" the close friendship between the Sovi st Izrq and the Fedp e's Police. In this connection, an tm ecltmivocal di- rective has been i -isued stating that no local intorL'orence in paramilitary affairs will be tolerated; Soviet officials are to be admitted to the various installations only Frith special credentials oi'nod by General Petrakovsky. T)FFIC IAW3 OTILY LTF.Tl: h', ;3C NAVY. P!#R3 QIS'i'RfSUTiCAf -- -- - r- -? -~ ~-~ ;~ D9Y AIR F$r 1 r 0611E ~0. SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. Approved For Release 2006/02/27 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500560005-1 Comm - Cf . S, OFFICIALS ONLY CEPJI GWN ~E AGENCY D ?r' k ~ 4. Zaissor was very er~p nnemninr~ axity in discipline. He criticized 4the habit of addressing superiors as "Con:ads", and pointed out that this practice had long since been discarded i!Lthe Soviet Union and the satellite countrias. 50 it was brouft out at the meeting that fc'- purposes of SED control the Verwal- tunp; fur Schulung is considered as an SED lircetorate on a level with the Landesleitungen, direcirbly under the SED Cu ttral Secretariat. Thus the SED state organizations hive tao authority over e-aramilitary personnel within their territorial jur7editttion; the zonal dice mz.y be said to form a seventh I,tndesleitung. It bra suldivisions 7A for regular pollen personnel and 7B for paramilitary per onne'l. The chairman t ,j 7B is Chief Inspector (feu) D313ing, :.ho is first deputy to Zai.sser in charge of olitku].tur personnel. Youth affairs are under (fns) tea:wanton; personnel o' the Vert ltui.g ffr Schulung are forbidden to join orpanizat'ons like the FDJ, and 73 w.111 include branches of such organizations. 6. All training eirectivaa atd zchedt:.les iss aed 1 the Vertaitung Mr Schulung are translated from Rusaiaa; this leads 13 numerous mistakes and in at curacseso Source reme.' z that Tussiaa practice is 13llot ed also in that the tcaininrt schedule p',)r type "A" scho,rla prov::Gdes ft r fifteen hours' training per day (the i mx rum in the German Army via eig1 hours).*" 7. It as possible to obtain Biome inftt tioz concerning; the .,cboola themselves. The following is said to be a compl-te lis. of the paramilitary eehoolst Rostov' -- Type A; com andant, Inspector Pill, Prora lP76) - Type C Prim weld (sic) Grew:r; (sic; per laps G18" On) Eg,e;in (Q28) Frerizlau Ziteau; commandant, Inspector Baltl asar, former y a colonel in the 11ehrmacht To 'ggau y - Type E; commandant pro A. . , Inspecto:- Schwab tae u [lbw. g Pi'na; commandant, Inspector t3eiz, as engineer ?ho '-se been prasideatt of the Jaxon State Administration for Envrg r, but i.% on lea'q of absence 'chile Serving with the GAI. S. F.iramilitary Bereitschaften are not located as follows '? Linea Frankenberg (177) (2 Bereitschaft(a) I.,angensalza .;rfurt Su hi Apolda 'kleissenfels Koohstedt lirchm5se r Potsdam-Eiche Ifatrin-Kietz Rostock Pinnow Burp; Deneau Mall tla].hausen (H89) (2 Bera:tt..-tuften) Goti1a . jMei.ninr;en Aiollensdorf (E37) Leipzig (3 Bereitsehaftfa) Quedlinburg HohenatClcken (7 ) Treuenbrietzen Kuek osee (sic) Sternhchholz (sic) Boizenburg Grossenhain Berlin i ,f.'S. OFFICIALS 11MY Approved For Release 2006/02/27 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500560005-1 Approved For Release 2006/02/27 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500560005-1 ? 4,aT. S. OFFICIALS ONLY CENI',AL INrELLIGEME AGENCY 9. Courier message centers are located at Dessau, Grossenhain, Apo]da9 and Burg. 25X1 # mwtt 119itsch is a former General Staff officers ,out 3 5 years old, o, was recently discharged from a PW camp frith very high recormendationa. C = The number of units listed in pares. 7 and 8 would indicate a strength of about 45,000. The steps taken thus far point to the creation of a cadre for a "People's Arr!,q", but current combat potential is very low. The state of housing and equi}xnent is extremely poor and there is no izmnediate prospect of improvement; the meth's morale is largely determined by material factors. The rigors of the training schedule and the infrequency of furloughs (granted only at Easter and Christmas) are likely to loner morale still, further. 9VRUAL M T OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2006/02/27 : CIA-RDP82-00457R003500560005-1