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December 20, 2016
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October 23, 2002
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November 17, 1949
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Appg"Id%'is CENTRAL INTEL n NFO ATI REPORT NO. CD NO. RDP82-00aM0036003400 - N REPORT ;OUNTRY 1'r r: nny {ntlssl.nn z orli th EC l" Ra ilrond Try ".l1c `:;r'vt h t r~ ?1k 'frt Oc'^r 25X1 1'LACE ?CCWIRED OAT'E: DISTR, 3L7 NUV 45 NO. OF PAGES NO. OF ENCLS IUsIrrD BEWW) SUPPLEMENT TO REPORT NO. THIS IS UNEVALUATED INFORMATION 25X1 25X1 '. he follow' n ? ix'e:~ ght tr'alzspor is na ssed through Frankl:urt/Oder? , t-r m 1 September x.949 to 30 September i949 urrigi j ,,)e in&t1or g~tg p:'_ a--, ankfu.rt? 'res}t. ilk tdra:,1 1~i 1t tf CoYn ne r i t: J. tt ef. 1Jrariiur. rf t1 Fue 1 Mist, rl-pt:a.: TO s n g a tAe Sf" Brest Cisi.tl- urt /1-rd t. a1"'pr fret. ~'~t clio.of, cars s'> I .l J~iJ 1h :~f3i 'F9 = 1.6 4 .t 3 . f-)ttrtri_g Se:.te lit:; ;'t7 ; 1 1..:c E'iwpt;,T i t tDOi3Iiu k;~?EiL is i. 'tipLy Y vc, 1:11mpty local trains t ssecthrough the :{ o'Llowinp Lk l..ita. ty i+ra xJ pirts d ?:tng thi.> viCin- r>erlod of thfle oiassrd ?.''Srough kranT -,;t urt/Ot k, ) wrla a_~1,, tart.. s swald isCjt . US i eHrs v`ch . +' R Hers c,roc y t.r fairs +Jel1Y. k -'his document is hereby regraded to ith the CONFIDENTIAL in accordance w letter of 16 October 1978 from the Director of Central intelligence to the Archivist of the United States. Next Review Date: 2008 t:1iC DOCG5Y*M7 cO TAl If tAFO!&A720Pt AFFSt7lptiTK8ttAT10AALCBPi#otf Cy +il1C Et14TEP STAT" T9fT1111 T U alAGtW? OP T11C EEPtOttASR ACT EO A. r:., SO A9iD 21, AO Ad11t4D90. IT "AtISW?81O:7 Oa T10Z REVEL A7tCR a u.Ok4TENTH $ ART m*II1 TO AA PAAOTEOl9Z1 PEEsOtI to PCO- :ci%) W L. 811PAOMscnoil OF WOO FCRM 19 veto 2 3rr o Frankfurt ncn gs r c 'T cars troops vph1 cle.~ F'l 'T 46 Approved For Release 2 6/02/06 : CIA-RDP82.00457R00 CI "?TEAL l" 'F1 ,LI~'- ;"VCE A';E "ICY ~rjgin 40 Cottbus : `rankfurt Unknown 49 Greifswald Cottbus 17 cars vehl tiles 13 a 56 Greifswald 63 42 3 Frankfurt ' -t.bus 27 cars troops 26 cars vehicle,25X1 15 cars ... I 25X1 Uo us 48 cars troops Urstenv:alde Satzkorn Greifswrald Cottbus Greifswald Greif sv.,ald Greifswald L4 76 60 Greifswald Cottbus 25X1 1t 25X1 tt 25X1 25X1 25X1 5 55 `4 'rstenwalde atfrstenvjalde iimrstenralde Farstenwalde ?rstenvwalde Frankfurt P'Uratenwelde Cottbus Ftfrstenwalde F4lrstenwwalde estrat3o De s cri Cottbus Cottbus Cottbus Chemnitz chemnitz Chemnitz Claemnitz Chemnltz L rankiurt Chemnitz Yrstenwalde Chemnitz Cottbus lire st Fftrstenwalde Chemnitz P cars vehicles 27 cars troops 29 cars vehicle=5X1 47 cars troops 16 cars vehicles 42 cars troou) s 23 cars troops 22 cars vehicles 34 cars 20 cars 22 cars 34 cars 24 cars 23 cars 22 cars 34 cars 22 34 29 cars cars cars 31 cars troops vehicles troops vehicleF troops vehi cle s troops vehicles troops vehicle,: troops vehicles 5 cars troops t L cars vehicle,. o cars troops 38 cars vehicle 31 cars troops 21 cars vehicle:' 38 cars troops 3 `oDs 24 cars troops 3 c veh7.cle 25 cars troops '? (-nrq vehicle-.--, 29 cars troops 23 cars troops 31 cars vehicles I several freight transports containing iron ,,aterla--Ls or construction and spades have recently been nipped from Russia and the Soviet Zone to Ketschendor7 During September 31 trains, with 1,651 cars, carrying prisoners o ?:iar, arrived in Frs nkfurt/Oder from Brest. Approved For Reles