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December 22, 2016
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December 14, 2011
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October 19, 1949
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rrww Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14~CIA-RDP82~00457R003700350002-5_ ~ M ' C~SSiFit:ATiGs~ ~ ~......_..~'.::~.e.'m.~.--.,.d-~ ~~iC~ 1p..el~.s:i..,k..__ i _ ~'i .viii .it,.m1~% _l~u: ak~l.~._...~_~~ti~,~.,~t~..e.+.1.;i.arar ~.i,~_1i.,~,;1..,_ ^l~GES~.S _._Y._EfdCLQSURES (rvo. Fu Tv~~~__ -^._..__ in the Berlin 50X1-HUM ~he fallowing Soviet railroad shipments railroad district between 11 Date in 1949a Shipping RR Station: 1.1 July 2eesen-Kuestrin N~agdeburg- Kuestrin l3 Truly 'Frankfurt 15 July Ratheno?-Kuestrin 16 July Frankfurt Frankfurt 17 .7uly Frankfurt Frankfurt l~ Ju1y ~leissenpKuestrin y and 9 t~ugust 1949 Cargo: Number of RR Cars motor ve- hiclas 44 50X1-HUM, Receivin RR Station Tnsterburg 50X1-HUM repatrieesa 49 box- Insterburg repo- troops cars empty train 50 box- to pick up cars Brest P~~s repatriees, 35 officers and RTC empty train to ~6 Brest pick up Ptd s repatriees 15 empty train ~6 to pick up' _ P`cr s empty train to pick up P~~s ~$ Brest Brest Brest repatriees ~d box-- car~ via In.stcrburg ~'~E~~E~TIAL Th'ss document is hereby regraded to CQNFIDI:NTIAL in accordance with the Icttr~d? c8 1v Qctoher 1078 fr?m the Drectcr of Gen';ral Ints:Iinence to taro Archivist of the United Stags. Next Rc~riew Date: X008 (}FF 3~ t t1 T ~ ~ o ~'~~~'t 0 CHANGE i DECLASSI 1 ss. CHANGE 50X1-HUM DDA Memb~,,~ ,- ~~, `.. Auth: D R~:G. 7 1~6~~ r T.. a ._ _ Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 u? 9~"~~~ ~~.~1"'~FICIALS ONLY d2M 50X1-HUM Date in Shipping RR Gargo: Number of Re~eivin RR 1949: Station: RR Carss Station 50X1-HUM'- 19 July 20 July Frankfurt Iuestrin Jueterbog-Kuestrin Frankfurt empty train to pick up P1`Js guns and ammunition repatri?es empty train to pQtek up PiiJs 5? Brest ~~ 12 via Insterburg 24 via Insterburg ,51 Brest 22 July tizJittenberg~?Frankf'urt motor vehicles 44 Brest 23 July Frankfurt Juesterbog-Kuestrin empty train to pick up Pb"Js repatriees 58 Brest 3$ box-cars via Insterburg 25 July Kuestrin guns 2~ via Insterburg Kuestrin ammunition 16 via Insterburg 26 July Kuestrin guns 52 via Insterburg 27 July Altengrabo~-Frankfurt ammunition 41 Brest 27 July Frankfurt empty train 56 Brest 28 July ~tteissen-Kuestrin Kuestrin to pick up PL~s repatriees ammunition and guns 36 via Insterburg 11 via Insterburg 29 29 July Frankfurt empty train to 5? Brest pick up Pj"1s 30 July 31 July Ratheno~r--Kuestrin Al.tstrelitz-Kuestrin Frankfurt Te~nplin guns repatriees empty train to pick up P1'Ys tanks 38 via Insterburg ~4 via Insterburg 50 Brest 50X1-HUM 22 flat-cars Oranienb 1 August Altengrabo~r Frankfurt troops empty train to pick up P1"Js 44 Boetzocr 54 Boetzo~ Brest /CONTROL - U.S~ OFFICI~iLS ONLY Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 ;fir/co~rraoL ~ v ps o oFFacz~s oNLY mar in D t ing RR Shi cargos Number of Receivin RR a e 1949: ~ pp 5tationt RR carts Station ust 1 A Brest spare parts 50X1-HUM 3 Jessen ug 50X1-HUM Inst~rburg- Kuestrin troops ~ ~0 boxcars ~veustrelitz 10 empty boxcars Brest spare parts 1 Pduellrose 50X1-HUM '~uorstenc~alde troops 15 boxcars L"Jolmirsteati ' Dallgc~r- Doeberitz troops 36 flatcars 31 , 2 August Hennigsdorf- Frankfurt ore y'1. Brest Rathenow-Kuestrin repatiees 4.0 via Instert~urg Kuestr3.g Brest- empty train to pick up trOOj}S motor vehicle 55 via Insterburg 16 Wildau parts 50X1-HUM Brest rotor vehicles 4 Potsdam 3 August Dallgo4a- D aeberitz ~3atzkorn Adlershof Frankfurt 50X1-HUM troops 34 Luckenr~alde tanks 16 Lieberose 28 Dresden ?mp$y train 51 Brest to pick up Pj'Js DAagdeburg- Kuestrin empty train via Insterburg for necr troops 54 v 4 August 5 August Weimar-- Kuestrin Instcrburg~- Kuestrin Boehlen- Frankfurt ~Teissen- Kuestrin empty tram 55 via Insterburg to pick up ne~v troops troops 55 Neustrelitz gasolino 42 Brest gas repatriees ~4 via Insterburg Nc~ustrelit~- Ru.estrixa empty train 55 via Insterburg for ne~ra troops ~.~~. ~r!nnm+Rnr. Tr_~ _ n~rr.Tnr.a nvrv Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 'TjCONTROL - U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Date in 1949r Shipping RR Station: -4~- ~~I~'iF[C~E[~[T[Al. argon Number o? RR Carss to 55 5 XO 1 HUM ~ August 6 August ? August gasoline gasoline ammunition Magdeburg-Kuestrin empt~r train ~iittenberg SatZlsorn Lieberose Lucken~~~ald? Luckenwalde pick up new troops tanks tanks ammunition tanks troops troops Altenhain-Frankfurtguns LichtQnbert- Kuestrin empty train pick up nevi troops gasoline ammunition 8 August 9 August Lichtenberg Ku?str3n Neustrelitz- Kuestrin Neustrelitz-- Kuestrin Satzlorn Lieberose empty train pick up new troops repatriees empty train to pick up new troops gasoline t tanks 24 15 via 3nsterburg Kirchmoeser Lieberose ]. boxcar Or~ienburg 16 3atzkorn 50X1-HUM 8 boxcars Dallgow-Doeberit~ 20 Flatcars 2 gondola cars 6 boxcars Dallgow-Doeberit~ 20 flatcars 4{? Brest 50X1-HUM to 5? Receiv RR Station via Snsterburg 3 tank cars ,A1tes Layer 1 tank car Strausber~50X1-HUM 2 boxcars 4 tankcars 3 boxcars to 5? 50X1-HUM via Insterburg 53 55 ? teals cars l6 10 #'latcars ? boxcars jCONTROL - U:~So OFFICIALS ONLY '~^ rte, ^. }? r" ^ !', .-~ ~ n ~ _ ? r ~::;:; t~';J \",u 1.;~ ~+J \i a ~~;7-`V~ via Insterburg ~tia Insterburg Altes Laeer Lieberose 50X1-H U M satzkorn Declassified in Part - Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 ~. Declassified in Part -Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/12/14 :CIA-RDP82-004578003700350002-5 a7.. ~?~~~~~l~'IAL Date in 1g49s Shipping RR Station: Cargos Number of Rec RR Cars= Sta eiving RR tions 50X1-H UM ~ August 1949 T~iTl:T