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December 14, 2016
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December 14, 2000
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October 25, 1949
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Approved For Release 2001103/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R00370046Q8>4$,' cat? i" U ~- Q -M ~ lyr, COtJNEYRV._.... ,.v..:.~ .:..a....'L~.~.~..___~ ._v~. EF'ORT NO...._ TOPIC ev _c t ` r4o. ..., M 25X1 C EVALUATION,,,, yso below PLACE OBTAINED_. DATE OF CONTENT See below _. DATE O8TAINE.DATE PREPARED 25 Qc-t er i' ____ nrvw v REFERENCES 4 21 AuEust 949 , PAGES -ENCLOSURES (No. & TYPE) REMARKS SOURCE 25X1 C v at. The !ollowin ob serv e ti, ),Us were made in CG TBU5 (i3 52/ A 5'7): Sachsendort Kaserne 25X1 C Occupied to capacity by about two thousand troops. Some juns were observed in the kasernc: area. Hermann Loeano Kaserne Occupied to capacity by about i, 5iO troops. Tanks were aiiejedly parked in. the woods behind the kaserne. Fimker. Ka-serno on Bur-er Chaussee3: Occupied to capacity by a unit of abou-t five hundred men, a1- le ;edl,y a oupply unit. 7 Au,;ust 1949 b. The ,~lvex.sleben Kaserne on ' ie?uaarkt was occupied by axrt llery units 24 duns of about 100 mm e.?i1ibe.r. 16 to 21. ..u-ust1349 c. The follos.4n motor vei ic1es wore identified in the streets of CG TBUS 25X1 C CLASSIFICATION III.e "eat_ _No. __ St CHANGE in C1$sa. fl [] DECLASSTFTED Class. TS r-A 4 A^^ 77 Auth: Date: BY: M CP ASSIFICATION SL'C IDE 1"? " Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R003700460005-0 1 Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-0045700460005-0 25X1 C 25X1X IS A-a_cz3t19.9 20 a. 11 tr tiuu of 3 boxcar;i u1;out 2 . ;ondol, oar ,, each c-::rr :1..1k.- one trunk, `:au ob, e`,.'Zved, Ut- 'ir. e C(.'(y._BU-.j frei {t t,ciion, y?xe tuck tea o' serv-,3a25X1C .21U urn t 1949 . A tank unit, Biicf: r _. .A, ,r~~~l'l;~?xuzcr~::c: ..~ 'e '=.:ix1..0~.c~.ds was de. .L U 2.~ijnc... o t- -LC CV.LlBUI'd ru.ilrood `i;ta-ion? rio U1.1rr e iund'r~ed trOo o of t-].-le unit '-.ere t.~ot3.'21iuo:i. iY? 't ;c e'von1n", ihi.l' the tunhs i o unloaded :iiad E (! o i away 6.tL i .i'i`i 1J11e night. i. a j identtiic.d ,A Cu of tae t4:k unit in tj%e former Punkcr i.:i_ Jt, rn-e. 24 au., - 25X1X 1949 c. Iio Gor'._:un popu.lctiou ':;a:: or;::ercd Uc ovucuate tie ''.:enn- ba im'? ,and ": iY: :meh7.en" settl::uL.~1o ne: r >?:ie CO'':~13U5 airfield, ' :-o aa.:.rc:r o,::urck .chile, t;i~a%Tul;~ 1, van grain r?etluioitioned, allc:t.;edly to servo as officors' move cad club. $c __ tabor 194.9 ?'~e 2cllu'.=zr~,, obu :rv%,tiono ::ore mace in CO BUS: a. +'a '..ic l' til3.c r~.e (A~lvt ~.~le.~er~ Ka.~crnc on V ic_ Yarkta )ccupi.e d b;7 :.ruin: ry wiito -:iith about four hundred troops, ine3u~.4Y3~~ recruits bet-;)eon 13 ; n 2- yesro of a .oo Pour 122-t.ija ,Vx ti, tree 76.2--mm t.-: tz ulzle braiko alld tti'o batty co ranter' e toloocoj acs :; rc oboerved in the I a erne area. $- 11c pr:a:3ze:n_-C.' C'1x lei u th' e Imserne. 25X1C b. iler;rra.lln Loe;n I'4u rue t: ue i.o trai3~1Y'>~; of trooi)z ":l~.;i_ obsi .rvCi:_, ` he truck :::;cupiecl by taxik Ludte s:: o ta, I;? t;.e rs j shed in front of oi-Jtili C_-' vvcua scoYY in tic 1;~4vi ne `:Z e 25X1 C a s1 leavi1l (i-e ~wCa or,( e 25X1 C a- " . cv 4 of V.r ill(: ,t.- .`.,Uil s.iii% Z .t:~u iJ e .L. o on 1iu.L ~ o r V L? r .u i v \i e' : uecu uc-.ty by oix lurk red troo 3 i? nibout a zvndse~ troops ?tt 'YS Lruined 721 U LO kk'..r.3era c ::rreti ; y Iil foux i rc ru t ;u;;.:., or #our-clhe el mount,.,. a.c truck 25X1 C Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R003700460005-0 Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R003700460005-0 T' r 25X1A occupied by 10 solkiers, was uceci for drivers' training in t1C Iaserria urea. 'Iic pa. v~lci o,r cr 25X1 C wad moved into the ka Berne . d. 6ac.'..iuur dorf Kaoorne, south of CO 2TBUS : vecupied to Ca.,),-,',City by abuu t to t''lououala troo-.:~. 'I7e true s sere >,_ r':ed J-11 the kauiine area. ae,Aeraber 1949 25X1 C 4. The #ollo;iiii; observLi iorl~ C"w e uuade in v:U:.. BT a,. zjou ia..endor? Kascr.ti.C 25X1 C uccupio:1. to ca.>G;ci t;y y units t~J Vi l i about t:an thousand t oo s. , oat Cii; c Iiiindre uroops, a11.e-o~ ly i:i.,. t7." 1cryron, i c i tilt: 1 a . L;ex c by tr'Uck t:ak:in.L: qu ' `3..ti LSCIuIy!3:ao t : it 1. t11e1(14 s 11c tr..e z2 ,iere 01ic~ :e6 1V to 52/ vel:: secured. + b4 iIC'srtl.}"111 Loen3 Kascrne; of Occupied b; unit 1,5' C to 2 , LC( tiroo ;~ .A. h a.r t u t' y 34 t? nl s a tank re~~. it caop) ilc;ze obverved in tie kaserr.e area. ruclAt `i t,A v'1o 1U11ot'?1i1 nviabor% opera tea in the ka.serne area: 25X1 C C. ?.1110 'ollo,"lin ; motor vu.ziclc ~ .'Joe identiCie d in Line s t?,r ec t:; of Ci.r fl'iD VS : 25X1 C 25X1 C O owr t : _... ,., bAUC:, about a t?oL3aYi:t tr44.3s t7it.i F_ r. - t-,-j} r :rived in CU,T' ,BU`` on 2L .!~ ttw11.,..i:J L~,iLu ~i At~J !li_l 1j n 31 .tu, 19/t D aboard a train c oriin, from the direction of t u 52/.i. 77). "ac troops had rnovtad in--o o 'i i cIi c i-~ do f i :~wcrnc0 25X1 C 25X1 C 25X1 C ~C o rient: 25X1A a. i'xt:::l u.:e~ inf&rfl L,tion su.)L311 d by on the CC T rii1i litany post :Oros mid-,iUL;ust to uzrly uc -_-ubcr 1949 it is F3: kiJ:.1L't u'1?i - idol.- t O tulitir o.i' 9VI aeCT :;iv (c,adre) -werc in t'-e!1.: hac;c 'i:e a at V.-%-, 'u- tine. iIovio'voi , it i;t2' riot ve Ate-cm n..c:. -i.6 L;L& I po'tud Vro 3 1 r 1r'7 t o Vl. .42BU: kasornes were.primarily rocruitsD since some or the combat units were reported absent on maneuvers. For example, it is assumed SECRET/CO1~`ROL .a U.S. OFFICIALS ONLY Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R003700460005-0 Approved For Re mp;,2D? t.0.3,1Q?,f, A-;R 2;g,94?T 03700460005-0 4 25X1 A frua previous isLicer:r s pion t ii t; coxponont unfito of tine 9th ..ccz Div (naare) v;axe en a;od in 'Lick exercioos in t1le trainIZ2 , area and in the area eouth of ?:LiJi71~SJV1:.t` 13. -a j w T':t:if e~1 "or t.1( irct ti:w in the `c;an1_er Li Forme. ie 1719th AAA tZe,;t (Cadre) of the 9th ,..ecz Div (Cadre) its aooumed to also be ,tationed in tilio kaaerne, accor dii:.`; to +2revioua report,:. Approved For Release 2001/03/05: CIA-RDP82-00457R003700460005-0